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Tree Removal Isn’t a One-Step Process: Reasons to Hire Professionals

Some people plant trees to get privacy, others use ornamental trees for decoration, and some plant fruit trees to enjoy organic, homegrown fruit. There isn’t really a rule for choosing the right tree for your garden. It’s all about taste and preference. But what all trees have in common is that they can make your outdoor area look good, create shade and add value to the whole property.

And while a healthy tree can have many benefits, a decaying one can present a number of problems – from falling down and injuring a person or damaging something on your property to attracting pests. Trees can suddenly start drying out due to many different reasons. Common causes for the dry-out are nutrient deficiency, disease, flooding or extremely moist ground, high temperatures, the effects of the sun and chemicals like fungicides, herbicides and insecticides. There is nothing much you can do for a tree that is drying out, other than to cut it off.

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The Tree Removal Process

Tree cutting is the process of removing a dangerous, unsightly or unwanted tree from the ground and it involves different approaches. You can cut the tree and then dig out the tree stump, or you can shred the tree stump just enough so that the rest can decay over time. It may sound easy, but don’t let that fool you.

Cutting down a tree can be dangerous and there are some alarming signs that you shouldn’t overlook. Be extra careful in the following cases:

  • If you notice that the tree has holes, or parts of it are hollow;
  • If its branches are dry, dying out or suddenly falling;
  • If you see that the tree is unstable, leaning towards one side and has weak roots;
  • If the tree has layers that are separating from one another;
  • If you notice that mushrooms are growing from the tree.

Removing a tree from your backyard is not an easy task to do. It may sound harmless, but it’s more complicated than you think. Many factors influence the level of difficulty that the tree removal will have. The position of the tree, its size, how wide it is, how old it is and so on. There is actually science behind the whole tree cutting process. You shouldn’t underestimate it. Before even thinking of doing it on your own, consider all the things that can go wrong. But why even risk it when there are professionals that offer tree felling services.

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Reasons It’s Best to Hire Professionals

An arborist is a person specialised in the cultivation, management and study of different types of trees, also known as a tree surgeon or arboriculturist. In addition to this, arborists are also the go-to person when you want a tree removed from your garden or backyard. Arborists have experience with tree felling and will make sure the whole process goes without any complications.

Why am I saying this? Well, a lot can go wrong when trying to remove a tree without previously inspecting the area, clearing everything out and making sure no one will be around while the removal is being done. Some types of trees grow very high in altitude, and the possibility of branches being intertwined with power lines in the process of felling is very high. That being said, you should really consider clearing your power lines from trees before doing anything else. This is the first thing a professional arborist would do. Not doing so and cutting the tree anyway, could cause power lines to break and do great electrical damage.

Next, really high trees will require the use of a rope or a ladder. If you’re a person with no experience, falling off the ladder or having some sort of accident with the rope is something that will happen with certainty. I am sure that the result you’re after isn’t a still-standing tree and a broken shoulder, right?

Additionally, you should clear your sidewalk, move your car if you have one, move the bench or any outdoor furniture that you might have because you don’t want them smashed by a falling tree. And pay attention to the garden tiles. They can easily break if a tree falls on top, and then you would have to repair the damage if possible, or even buy new ones. And you don’t want that to happen. Everything I mentioned above is what cutting tree professionals are trained to avoid.

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Safety should always be your number one priority. That means that you should always wear protective gear when working in your garden or backyard. The number of accidents that might happen to you is quite big, so don’t forget to put that helmet on your head. Also, thick gloves and safety glasses are essential. When you are cutting down and removing trees, small particles of dust, chunks of wood, branches and leaves are flying everywhere, so you should protect your eyes above everything.

But not everyone has all this protective equipment lying around in their garden shed. And also, there’s often the need for powerful and specialised tools. Arborists have special professional tools for this kind of job. Usually, the trees that need to be removed are quite big, and that why a chainsaw is a must, also an axe, a ladder or rope to get to a higher altitude, and so on. And buying all this equipment will end up being more expensive than getting professional help. That being said, hiring arborists is also the more affordable approach compared to DIY removal.

Having a nicely done garden improves the overall picture of your house. Strategically planting or removing trees can improve the landscape and add character, or free up space for something else you might have in mind. Don’t hesitate to ask the help of professionals for things you aren’t sure you can do on your own. It’s better to be safe than sorry.