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Deciding to commit to a healthy life is the easiest part. Sticking to it and buying the appropriate tools is what’s difficult. There are so many things that can help you in this journey of yours. A powerful and good juicer is one of them, but the wide selection can make it really difficult to find the right one.

You can start by reading online customer reviews and familiarizing yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of each juicer type. This is the only way to know which type suits your lifestyle better. Once you are done with your research and before you buy juicer online, consider the following.


  • Do You Have Enough Time For Juicing Everyday?Most people do not ask this, but it is extremely important, since juicing can be time-consuming. For example, if you have about 15 minutes of free time in the morning to prepare your juice and clean the juicer, manual and centrifugal juicers are two great choices. Another good option is the masticating juicer, a quick and easy-to-clean juicer that yields a healthy juice without the heat.
  • What Will You Be Juicing?Almost any powerful and quality juicer can juice any type of fruit and vegetables. A great example of that is the triturating juicer. This model consists of two powerful gears that can handle any type of fruit and veggies, including guava seeds, pineapple cores and watermelon rinds. So, before you buy juicer online, decide what kind of juice you will be making, since different juicers have different powers and features.
  • How Soon Will You Drink The Juice?This may sound silly, but it is important, because many juicers do not preserve all the nutrients. Usually, centrifugal juicers produce heat and friction when juicing, which can lead to oxidation. If you get this type of juicer, you must drink the juice immediately. Masticating and triturating juicers are “cold press” juicers that do not produce heat, preserving the quality of the juice.
  • How Important Is To Buy a Quality Juicer?It is extremely important, especially if you want to drink quality juice full of vitamins, enzymes and minerals. As we’ve mentioned above, masticating and triturating juicers are your best options, but they come at a higher price. These juicers are known for slow juicing, produce no heat and extract every drop of juice. So, before you buy juicer online, you need to decide what is more important to you, quality or price.