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Walk Comfortably: A Guide to Travel Shoes for Women

Whether you’re headed for a camping trip or a sightseeing tour around the country or the world, comfort is one of the most important things you need to think about while planning. Travelling, as fun as it is, has its downs just like its ups, so expecting and being prepared for them will make your trip all the more enjoyable.

Usually, whenever you’re travelling, your mind might be at ease, but your body can become tense and start hurting, especially your feet and ankles. It doesn’t matter if you’re climbing up a mountain or need to sit in a plane for a number of hours, your feet and joints will suffer nonetheless. Your feet are the literal base of your entire body and when something’s wrong with them, you can expect everything else to start feeling wrong soon after, so having the proper footwear on is of utmost importance for your personal health and the overall success of your trip.

I often see only one type of shoe being pushed as a comfortable option for travellers, but that’s really not the case. If you choose them properly, virtually any type of shoe can be a good travelling buddy. Having this in mind, I’d like to go over three of the most suitable types of travel shoes women can wear on their adventures!


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Did you see this one coming? I bet you did!

Sneakers have been a best friend to women seeking comfort for years now, with the first pairs emerging in the 19th century. Of course, sneakers back then were fairly simple, but today we can expect all kinds of miracles from this flat-soled footwear that offers comfort as much as it does style. A perfect companion and an ideal candidate for travel shoes women can buy, sneakers are number one on this list not because they’re the best choice, but because they are most often the first choice we all make and with good reason!

Still, any sneaker can become restrictive and very uncomfortable if it doesn’t fit right or isn’t made for the occasion. If you’re travelling by plane or by car you can freely choose any type of sneaker out there, from leather to canvas to mesh – you won’t have any trouble. Just make sure they fit your feet just right and don’t forget to wear them a bit before taking them on your trip. Breaking in is a thing for sneakers, too!

However, if you’re planning on hiking, camping, or walking quite a bit, a pair of waterproof, light, and anatomically designed sneakers is a must! You can never predict the weather, no matter what your weather app says, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Furthermore, getting a pair that’s light enough to not tire your legs out while still fitting your foot like a glove will help you step easily and for much longer without any pain whatsoever.


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Some would say it’s a bit unorthodox to pick sandals as a travelling shoe, but I say otherwise!

A good, sturdy, anatomically correct sandal can be just as good as any other type of shoe out there when it comes to walking long distances or having to be seated for a while. What’s more, sandals offer something no other shoe can – a light breeze and complete freedom of movement for your feet.

Still, not every type of sandal represents a pair of good travelling shoes for ladies, so making the right choice is, once again, crucial to the whole operation.

Any sandals with a sturdy sole that can handle heavy walking is a good pair of women’s walking shoes for travel. In addition, heavy-duty straps that hug the foot but don’t cut it or fit unusually is also quite necessary, so forget all about thin, lace-like ties and go for a more secure option. This will all go in favour of you walking correctly which will, in turn, provide you with enough stability and comfort to last the trip.

There are many brands out there that sell sandals like these, so take a good look, try them on before buying, break them in before wearing, and be living proof that travelling with sandals is absolutely possible!


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Another expected choice for a reason, boots are highly recommended to wear while travelling, especially when you’re out and about in the wilderness. Not only are boots often made with foot anatomy in mind, but they will also offer protection from dirt as well as any insects, arachnoids, or serpents you may come across along the way.

Still, boots aren’t some magical solution to all your travelling problems. You need to be especially careful when picking a pair of them as they do cover the most, but are also the ones that can cause the most discomfort and blistering.

To make sure your boots will be as comfortable as they should be go with a pair made of soft leather or sturdy, yet gentle canvas that’s waterproof. Get the correct size and always wear thicker socks when trying them on. I’m sure you won’t be off hiking barefoot, so having socks on is essential to make sure the boot fits perfectly. Pay attention to the toe and the heel area as they are the most prone to blistering by taking a stroll around the store and noticing how the boot moves and how free your foot feels inside. Also, assure the sole is non-slip and sturdy.

For hiking purposes, you can go with boots that are as high as your calf, while any other travelling can handle shorter or boots that go as far up as your knees. Still, shorter boots are usually a better choice, so pick a pair of those and enjoy whichever setting you’re about to make your reality for the time being!