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Want To Turn Your Garden Into A Sanctuary? Follow These Steps

Want to create a relaxing oasis in you garden? Seems like you are not alone. Sanctuary garden is actually one of the fasted-growing exterior designing trends according to designers. The simple reason why many homeowners want to create meditation and restorative gardens is because they, just like you, are realizing the importance of introducing peacefulness and balance into their busy, hectic lives.


Nothing better than taking few moments of complete peace to distance yourself from the everyday commotion and stress. A sanctuary garden seems to be one of the best ways to achieve this. But how do you turn your garden into a place of meditation where you can focus and quiet your mind? Here are few steps to give you a head start.

  • Make a plan – Start with a picture of the desired outdoor décor piece. Or maybe you already own one. Take a good look of the selected outdoor décor piece, close your eyes and try to visualize the piece in your garden and the space as a whole. Now make it a reality.
  • Define how you and your family will use the space – Do you often have family dinners outside or maybe hold a small book reading club or meditate together? Knowing how you will use your garden will help you figure out the design including which décor pieces will best match the design. This will also help you realize what relaxation actually means to you.
  • Add outdoor décor water features to your sanctuary garden – Remember, the whole purpose of your sanctuary garden should be to help you get away from the daily stress of life. To best achieve this is by including one or more water features as the sound of water really calms and stimulates senses.
  • Attract Nature – Nothing is more calming than a song of a bird. Thus, add plants, native and non-native to the area where you live to attract birds and butterflies and create a real outdoor sanctuary.
  • Add sentimental pieces of furniture – Did you know that outdoor decor furniture and accessories can actually evoke nostalgic memories. For example, a porch swing may bring you back to the times when you were sitting hugged with your dad; a stone lantern to your first kiss. Add few such pieces to create an absolute feeling of comfort and relaxation.


With your own sanctuary getaway, you will not only relax but will find yourself being more concentrated and able to handle the stress of your daily activities successfully. Taking a moment to actually feel the smell of roses, or to listen to a bird singing or even enjoying a beautiful sunset, will make you less anxious and help you consider what really matters in life.