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Steps to Choosing a Warehouse Packing Bench

In a warehouse, workers have tons of packing to do and having a sturdy and functional work bench on their disposal makes the whole process much easier and faster. Picking a quality warehouse packing bench not only makes packing more efficient but it also reduces the amount of physical strain the workers undergo. That’s why prior to purchasing a packing bench, warehouse managers need to make a bit of upfront research. In fact, when choosing the appropriate packing bench for your warehouse operations, there are plenty of variables to consider.


A good warehouse packing bench should allow you to have the materials you’re working with always within your arm’s reach. Having an easy grip prevents muscle strain and enables workers to achieve more work with less effort. A packing bench with bins, shelves, drawers and other storage accessories allows workers to keep tools such as duct tape, scissors and scalpels in their vicinity in case there’s a need. When the packing is done on a compact, organized surface, there’s an increased workflow and greater efficiency.

Another good way to cut down packing time and improve productivity is by using a mobile packing bench. Benches made of lightweight aluminium and fitted with four or more wheels can be easily moved around the warehouse for different packing needs. For instance, instead of carrying the large number of boxes or materials form the conveyor, you can simply push the bench over to it and start packing.

It’s also essential to factor in ergonomics when choosing a warehouse packing bench. A height-adjustable bench can allow the worker to accommodate the height of the work surface to his exact needs for comfortable packing. With this kind of bench the worker can perform various different tasks, whether standing or seated. This also makes the bench suitable for use by different workers. When workers use the bench while standing most of the time, an anti-fatigue floor mat can prevent sore muscles and aching legs.

Finally, don’t forget to consider what the size of your workbench should be. First, think about how much available space you have and whether you need a single bench or multiple ones. Free floor space is important for the movement of operations in the warehouse, and that’s why managers look for ways to minimise clutter. For this reason, steer away from very large and bulky packing benches which will hog the available space. However, you should always make sure that you have enough space for the type of materials you’re packing, even if it means getting a big packing bench. Try to think both in terms of length (left to right) and width (front to back).