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Western Outwear for Men – a Step Closer to a Dazzling Outfit

As winter is already at our doorstep, it is time for us Australians to style up our wardrobe and start the transition to the auttumn/winter’18 style season. While the list of trends for this year is endless, from wide-leg trousers to Cuban-collar shirts, there is one that particulraly stands out when it comes to outwear. Introducing – western style coats and jackets.


Guaranteed to take you through the coldest seasons of the year, western outwear has been creeping into our trend list for the third season in a row now. Originally taking their spot under the spotlightin the 1970s, western coats and jackets are timeless. They have been revolutionized throughout the years – they have been manfactured in different fabrics, designs and linings – all with the sole purpose of creating the perfect outwear pieces for the style-conscious males.

Want to go for the modernised suede look? No problem – there are western coats and jackets for that. Or maybe denim is more like your thing? Yup, no problem either. Let’s take a look at both of these styles.

Western Denim Outwear

Thank goodness, double denim is back again in the style game. From catwalk to Insta bloggers, it is safe to say that western denim jackets are the safest way to mix and match and thus experiment with the textures and colours you want to wear. Although layering denim is not always the most comfortable option, that’s a small price to pay for the modern, chic and well-put together touch that it gives to your entire outfit. From autumn scenic walks to the much anticipated date night, western denim jackets and coats are the statement pieces that every man needs to have in his closet.

Western Suede Outwear

Popular in neutral and monochromatic tones, suede western coats and jackets are the perfect and more chic step-up from leather. Although it is not the ideal choice for rainy weather, it will certianly make your outfit look more put-together and modern. My ideal combination has to be a simple black t-shirt, black slim jeans and a suede jacket. If the weather gets colder, just wear a black hoodie underneath. As for the colours, neutral, earth tones are the most popular choice among the coolest bloggers due to the fact that they are subtle, yet obviously stylish. If you go for these tones, make sure to keep your outfit simple so that the main foucs falls on the suede fabric.