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The Whats and The Hows of Lager Homebrew Kits: Step Up Your Homebrewing Adventures

Millions of people around the world are taking their passion for beer to another level by brewing their own lager beers at home. Homebrewing is a hobby that was popular during the early American colonial era and continues to sizzle today among skilled beer enthusiasts. Besides the benefit of creating your own beer, there are plenty of reasons why homebrewing can become your new favourite hobby.

Learn the Process

Though homebrewing is not necessarily a difficult process, it is not always easy either. To ensure a successful batch of beer, the brewer must be aware of certain factors that may affect the outcome. As with all things that require attention to detail, a little knowledge can go a long way toward achieving success.

One of the best ways to get started in homebrewing is to use lager homebrew kits. Lager beer is much easier to make than ales, and the variety of flavours you can create with this type of beer is wide. What is different about making a lager as opposed to an ale is that lagers need to ferment at cooler temperatures, around 48-55, while ale can go up to 60-78 degrees F.

Lager Homebrew Kits
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Choosing a Kit to Match Your Needs

Trying to determine where you should start can be a little intimidating if you’re not sure what you need. There are so many options out there for a homebrew kit and it can feel like a daunting task to pick one that fits your needs. The main thing you should take into account when choosing your lager homebrew kit is what kind of lager you want to make in the end and how much you’re willing to invest towards your kit.

  • All grain kits which include the necessary ingredients and instructions for you to make a full batch of beer;
  • Extract kits that have the malt extracts needed for making a batch but don’t include any other ingredients or instructions;
  • Mini-kits give you everything needed to brew a smaller quantity of beer.
Homebrewing lager kit
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A Niche Activity That Doesn’t Break the Bank

The best part about lager homebrew kits is the price. A lager kit is usually the most affordable of all the different types of homebrew kits. This means that you can get more variety for your money when it comes to trying out new beers. The instructions are also simplified, which makes it easier for you to brew these at home and get the results you want. Another benefit of a lager kit is that they come in a variety of flavours that you probably have never tried before. These include fruity and spicy flavours with herbal notes, as well as pine resin flavours with a rich malt character.

All of these kits come with everything you need to brew your own beer; some even have additional items included like yeast packets or even a few extra ingredients like hops or malt grains that you can add if you want additional flavour or strength to your beer after it has fully fermented. There are many types of lager kits available, including those made specifically for those who are new to brewing or those who just want to experiment with something new and unique.

It’s Easier Than You Think

In addition to being able to make a wide range of beers, lager brewing kits are also relatively easy to use. There are specific techniques that need to be learned, but they are not overly difficult. One of the best ways to learn is by using good quality kits that come with detailed instructions. They can help you avoid making mistakes that would otherwise result in complete failure or cause your beer to turn out subpar. The main thing you will need for lager brewing (as well as all other forms of brewing) is a good supply of clean water. This may seem like an obvious statement, but it is important enough to warrant mentioning. Clean water is critical for any kind of brewing process, but especially so when using lager brewing kits because you need pure water that has very low levels of chlorine and other impurities.

Lager Homebrew Kit
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Experimentation and Creativity

Along with being easy to use, another thing that many people like about such kits for making homebrew lager is that it gives them a chance to experiment and be creative with their very own beers. This means that instead of simply following the instructions given by other people about how exactly a certain kind of beer should taste like, you can create your very own kind of brew and make sure that it tastes just as you want it to be.

Health Benefits

One of the biggest reasons why homebrewed lager beer is better for you than most other alcoholic beverages is that it is made using natural ingredients. The yeast and the hops are all extracted from naturally growing plants that are found in nature, which means there are no additives of any kind.

Natural yeast and hops
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This ensures that the lager beer will contain a high nutritional value. The only things that go into its preparation are water, barley, hops, and yeast. There are no preservatives, additives or artificial flavours added to the brew. In fact, when you decide to drink this type of beer you can be sure that you are consuming a very pure form of alcohol.

Fun and Rewarding

There is nothing more satisfying than taking a sip from a cold glass of your home-brewed beer. It brings a sense of accomplishment, pride and joy. Once you have gone through the whole process, you will be eager to repeat the experience. But it is important to keep in mind that you need to continue to experiment and research the craft. You should try different recipes and methods so that you can hone your focus. Also, try to make new friends whose interests are in beer making. With all of this combined, you will be able to truly enjoy the fruits of your labour as a homebrewer for years to come

Glass of cold homemade beer
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Home Brewed Lager is a Smart Gift for the Beer Connoisseur in Your Life

With the holiday season upon us, many people will be looking for the perfect gift for that beer lover in their lives. It can be hard to find something unique and interesting enough to stand out from the hundreds of other gifts they are certain to receive. However, a home-brewed lager is a great option for anyone who enjoys a good beer. A home-brewed lager tastes exponentially better than even the best beer you can buy in stores and it adds a personalized touch to your gift.

To Sum Up

Homebrewing has made great strides in the past several decades. Large-scale drinks manufacturers have been hiring dedicated brewers for years, and beer fans worldwide have been taking up home brewing as a pastime. Why? Because making your own beer is fun. You can craft your recipes, experiment with different ingredients, and save money along the way. Plus, you get to drink delicious beer!