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Workwear with Flair: Steps to Choosing the Perfect Work Shirt

In the competitive business world of today, going the extra mile with investments is a strategy that more than pays off with the outcome of success that you dream of. While big elements are those that demand urgency, like location, layout, equipment, insurance, and marketing, apparel is another element that, although not as huge as the aforementioned, has more of a say in the success than we give it credit. 

As such, it requires some much-needed consideration. If you think about it, the professional image of the employees can give people an idea about the company, including its reliability and commitment to providing customers with the best service, so it’s not to be brushed off. In fact, out of the versatile womens work clothing pieces available, the kind of work shirt you choose can indicate the level of comfort, confidence, and style. 

What Shirts to Buy for Work?

womens work clothing
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Focus on what matters: elevate the team’s workwear with the kind of top that offers the best of professionalism, while at the same time ensuring everyone stays comfortable, and looks and feels their best. Dressing to impress, and dressing for success can start with the perfect top. Here are some crucial steps that can help make shopping a little easier: 

Shirts that Are the Perfect Fit

Same as when shopping for any other piece of women’s work clothing, you can’t overlook the importance of finding the perfect fit that’s related to the perfect size. After all, it’s the very aspect that’s connected to comfort, as well as the aesthetic side of professionalism, so finding something fitted isn’t only a guarantee of having something flattering to the body figure, but can also be of help in setting a professional image. 

In other words, the goal of shopping for tops is to ensure the team looks and feels great. The fit is as much influenced by the fabric as it is by the features, so the focus should be on finding workwear made from high-quality materials, like Oeko-Tex certified cotton that’s non-toxic, non-allergenic, and safe, high-quality seams and stitchwork, plus the adequate measurement of the waist, chest, shoulder width, and sleeve length. Keep in mind, that the quality of these elements is decisive in the ease of maintenance and cleanliness of the uniform too.

Shirts In the Ideal Colours

womens work clothing
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Regardless of the work environment, whether it’s corporate such as an office, or industrial, keeping it neutral with the colours is usually the best strategy to keep things professional. The typical colour options for work clothes for women are white, ivory, black, blue, navy blue, grey, and khaki, but if the dress code is more on the relaxed side, not strictly formal, then don’t be afraid to bring in a little colour. 

Some soft pink, yellow, and green can add the right dose of flair to a mundane work outfit. If possible, letting each of the team members choose their colour for the shirt could help with giving them the flexibility to show off more of their personalities, leading to more customised outfits they’d be happy to wear. In the case of business casual, striped and check shirts are two great options you could incorporate.

Shirts In the Right Style

Choosing versatile tops out of a range of work clothes women designs can also be solved by focusing on style. It’s related to confidence as much as professionalism, after all, so you need to make sure the choice you end up with is adequate for the work setting. For environments where there’s more formality, safe options like staple dress white shirts are recommended.

Of course, dress shirts in black, or navy, are equally great. Options for a more relaxed fit include collarless shirts that still have the business form but offer a more flexible result. Collared blouses, denim shirts, striped T-shirts, camp shirts, and polos are other equally stylish options you could try out. The beauty of these is when in need of more formality, they can easily be paired with tailored pieces, like pants and blazers. 

They can just as easily be dressed down with some relaxed-fit jeans. Same as with the bottoms, you have the chance to mix things up with the choice of footwear too—again, as long as it’s something within the codes of the workplace.

Shirts with the Suitable Features

Features can be just as important as the quality of the fabric and material. For example, anyone interested in boosting their professional image should consider interesting stitchwork, buttons, or details like embroidery and prints that show off the company’s logo. Cuffs in a different shade, and neatly placed pockets for storage of essentials are additional extras that can be of help. Remember, every little detail counts!