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Yoga Meditation Supplies: The ABC of Body Alignment and Mind Enlightenment

Whether you seek enlightenment, or you want to improve your overall mental and physical health, or just want a fun and relaxing hobby to fill your time, practicing yoga is just the thing you need. You don’t have to be a monk or a hippie to practice yoga. In recent years yoga has become a part of mainstream culture and it continues to increase in popularity which is no wonder if you consider all the health benefits that come with it.

Yoga Meditation Supplies

Yoga isn’t bound by any restrictions regarding a designated space or special equipment and basically you can practice it any time, at any place. However, you will find that there is a large variety of yoga meditation supplies that will significantly improve your experience in therms of comfort.

It is very easy to spend a ton of money on expensive props that you don’t actually need. But, you shouldn’t be a slave to objects when you can get quality yoga meditation supplies for a reasonable price. Having said that, here is a list of some props that will help you focus on your mind without any distractions due to physical discomfort. And as you advance in your yoga practice you will find out for yourself.


  • Let’s start with the foundation for your meditation positions – the yoga mat which is also called a sticky mat. This prop is commonly used in yoga studios and gyms and they help you define your personal space and what is more important they give you a certain degree of traction for your hands and feet so you don’t slip, particularly as you start to get sweaty. Another benefit from yoga mats is that they provide some cushioning on hard floors. While most gyms and studios provide mats or rent them, they are used by a lot of people and you can never be sure how often they clean them, so it is best to get your own yoga mat.


  • Yoga cushions provide support for your body during sitting positions such as full-lotus, half-lotus, and other kneeling and lying poses. Cushions help you maintain proper alignment and relieve stress on your muscles and joints so you can stay in the same position for a longer time without feeling any discomfort.


  • Yoga straps are actually an extension of your arm. For many people that practice yoga it is very hard or impossible to perform certain positions due to a lack of flexibility. Thanks to yoga straps you can safely perform those actions even if your body wont let you. Straps can also be use for resting poses.


There are many other meditation supplies available on the market such as yoga bolsters, blankets, chairs, but you yourself will decide whether you need them or not since different people have different needs and different levels of yoga skills.