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6 Simple Steps to Take Your Vacation House Decor to the Next Level

As we approach the dog days of summer, it’s the perfect time to retreat to our vacation homes. Whether nestled in the mountains or situated in a charming seaside town, we all desire our second homes and vacation rentals to be beautiful, functional, and low maintenance. From reflecting on the local surroundings to investing in smart home technology, here are six simple steps to elevate your vacation home decor.

Decorate the Walls

source: theprintemporium.com.au

If you’re a surfing enthusiast who loves the beach lifestyle, consider exploring the vast range of stunning surfing prints Australia wide. While you can certainly hang your surfboard on the wall, incorporating artwork will add a distinctive flair to your space.

When selecting surf prints, consider vibrant art pieces from well-known Australian and international surf breaks and beaches. Opt for those proudly printed in Australia, featuring contemporary, eye-catching designs of the highest calibre. Whether you prefer understated elegance or bold statements, a good surf print collection promises to infuse your living space with a delightful touch of fun and personality.

Surfing prints now come in various beach patterns, coastal art, aerial photography, and more, making it easy to find something that suits your aesthetic. Different framing options are also available. For a clean, simple look with natural elements, choose frames made of oak.

Regarding size, wall art prints are hard to beat. A large piece of art can transform the personality of your room. An oversized artwork featuring your favourite surf beach or surfboard will help your room stand out effortlessly.

And if you’re wondering whether these surfing prints are suitable only for vacation homes or rentals, rest assured they are versatile enough to enhance any interior design as long as they pair well with your overall decor.

Limit Clutter

Vacation homes and short-term rentals often have more minimalist decor compared to primary residences. Living far away from your vacation home makes it impractical to dust numerous pieces of furniture, clean many decorative items, and maintain large art collections.

Similarly, cleaning a heavily furnished short-term rental can become unaffordable. Overly ornate rooms and furnishings can detract from the visitor experience. Too much furniture can make it difficult to move around the house.

Delicate furnishings might stress guests who fear accidentally tipping something over with their luggage or umbrella. While your vacation home should be well-equipped, it shouldn’t be overly cluttered.

Honour Your Location

Embrace local aesthetics and culture to make your vacation home feel more immersive and like a genuine retreat. Decorate the console table with books on local history, museums, and photographers. Choose materials that connect your home to the outdoors, hang locally created artwork, and seek out historic textiles made in the area. These unique touches can help create cherished experiences for your guests if your home doubles as a holiday rental.

Incorporate local features into your interior design subtly. Let your colour scheme be inspired by the hues of an alpine woodland or crashing waves, but avoid obvious pairings in favour of more nuanced references.

Bring Nature Inside

Some rental websites suggest avoiding plants because they can wilt, and fake ones can get dusty and seem outdated. However, every space, including rental homes, benefits from some greenery. Plants and stems bring energy to spaces and prevent them from feeling like generic hotel rooms.

Dried stems like olive branches and eucalyptus hold up well and are a good solution. Another easy way to include nature is through botanical art prints.

Invest in Easy-to-Replace Details

It’s well-known that guests will scrutinise every inch of a vacation rental. Unfortunately, things can break, disappear, or be moved. Focus on beautiful yet easy-to-replace details.

This includes white coffee mugs, solid white linens, coordinating throw pillow sets, solid-coloured bed linens, plain glassware, and simple woven carpets. Using easily replaceable components can enhance your overall earnings when developing a profitable rental property or a low-maintenance vacation home.

Low-maintenance Landscaping is Key

source: theprintemporium.com.au

When planning outdoor features like a kitchen or deck, consider the landscaping around your vacation home. The exterior and its surroundings significantly impact the maintenance of your home’s interior. Native landscaping is crucial for a low-maintenance vacation home as it reduces watering and upkeep costs.

Additionally, natural landscaping can protect your home and the surrounding area from natural disasters like wildfires and storm surges, which you might not be around to prevent. Consult a local landscaper or gardener to choose native plants suitable for your particular setting.

By following these six steps, you can ensure that your vacation home is not only beautiful and functional but also a welcoming retreat that requires minimal upkeep. Enjoy your summer, knowing your home away from home is in perfect shape!