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Hall Decoration Ideas: Make a Stunning First Impression With Your Console Table

Your entry area is the last thing you see when you leave your home and the first thing you see when you get home. It’s also the sight that welcomes people when they enter your home. We all know how important first impressions are, meaning it’s vital to design the entry space well and make it as cosy and inviting as the rest of your home.
However, this part of your home often gets cluttered and neglected. Whether you’ve got a spacious hall or a narrow, cramped hallway, how can you make your entry area look stunning? Putting a console table and decorating the space around it is a brilliant way to do it.

What Is a Console Table?

Modern Hall Table Decoration Ideas
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A modern console is a slender, long table. Although its mainly used in the hallway, it’s a very versatile piece of furniture that can be placed anywhere in the home. You can add a lovely accent to any space in your home with the right modern console table for your interior design.

What Is the Point of a Console Table?

console table
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Contemporary console tables are usually placed toward a wall. That way, they can serve various purposes without taking up too much space.
For example, an ordinary console table at the same height as your sofa can quickly become a modern sofa console table. Placing it between your couch and your wall, you can use it for storing or organising everyday items that you use while sitting on the sofa. These can be books, magazines, napkins in a box or on a holder, your reading glasses etc. Put a console towards the wall that holds your TV, and you’ve got yourself a modern TV and media console unit for a perfect entertaining living room. You can also use it as a long side table if you put it next to the sofa, instead of behind it. 
A console table in the dining room can quickly become an extra surface for placing items that you aren’t using at the moment when dining or a bar for those additional guests you didn’t plan on coming. And you can use a console table in the bedroom, too: place a mirror above it, add an accent chair, and that’s how you quickly created a custom bedroom vanity. And, if you’ve searched for an extended nightstand so you can keep some extra items on, search no more – buy f a sleek design modern console table. 
This shows how versatile can a console be. Even if you change your mind about using it as a hallway focal point, you can always find another place for it to adorn your home.

Modern Hall Table Decoration Ideas

We all know that leaving any home space empty can be a magnet for clutter and unwanted sight. This can be especially true for the hallway as we mostly use it to pass from one point to another. When you add the habit of leaving shoes, keys, and other stuff at the entry, there goes your dose of daily stress you get each time you pass. Organising storage for such items will not only prevent the clutter but also spare you the time to find them. 
Placing a beautiful contemporary hall table in your hallway will make your life easier and an extra opportunity to create a wonderful corner with an added touch of class and style. So, here are the most trending decoration ideas, according to interior design experts.

1. Choose Your Design 

hall table with mirror
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Being the first thing to see when you enter your home, think of a console table as an opening statement of your home. So, its design can complement the rest of your home design, giving a clue of what’s inside. A separate area, however, allows you to create a contrasting design, meaning you can play with styles creating a space for which you hadn’t had the opportunity before. 

2. Consider Its Storage

white wooden console table
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If you need storage, you should choose a design with drawers. Drawers are perfect for storing keys, letters or personal belongings. Some models have large; others have small drawers. Some console table designs include extra shelves so you can make the most out of the space. That way, you can reserve the table’s surface as a platform for a showcase of statement decoration pieces while using the in-built drawers as a brilliant storage place for bits and bobs.
What if you like a design that doesn’t have drawers, but you still need the storage. That’s another opportunity for you to show your creativity by making your storage unit. You can put baskets or boxes for storing larger objects, like shoes. And then small ones on the table itself for smaller things and personal belongings.

3. Decorate

Last, and most importantly: decorate! Here are some ideas on how to do it.

  • Hang up a mirror above the table. Match the style of the frame with the design of the console. Choose as large a mirror as possible. That way, you can let as much light as possible reflect into the area, creating an illusion of a bigger and brighter space. Also, it’s functional: you can check your look every time before you go out.
  • Hang up an artwork. If you don’t like the idea with the mirror, you can put some bold artwork instead.
  • Or even better: hang up lovely family photos above it.
  • Put on a table lamp. If your entry area is dark, putting on a table lamp is a cheap and easy way to bring some artificial light. It also vibes traditional, meaning it adds up to cosiness and warmth.
  • Create a display with wallpaper behind it.
  • Go green and keep it natural. You can put plants on your console table if there’s enough light. 
  • Keep it minimal. If your home style’s a bit more minimalistic, keep the decoration minimal.