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Steps to Make Your Living Room Perfect for Entertaining

No matter the layout of your house, the living room is the room majority of people spend most time in. and no matter the season, it is always a good time to make some refreshing changes in your living room, and always be ready for hosting fun friend gatherings.

No worries, you do not need a lot of money to give your living room a makeover. Just follow these simple steps and revitalize your living room.

1. Change the focus

TV holds the main spot in any living room. It is the focal point. If you have another purpose-build area, like a fireplace for example, you can take advantage of it and make it the focus of the room. If not, try changing something about the TV space, like buying a cheap TV stand. Make sure the new TV stand is big enough to fit all additional electronics, like a PlayStation, if you have one. Go one step forward, and give your cheap TV stand a personal design touch to really fit the entire room. Moreover, change the place where your TV is located to get more space, more light or just to re-arrange.


2. Refresh the center point

The center of the living room is usually the coffee table. Why not go for something more colourful. Like with the cheap TV stand, you can also buy a new, cheap coffee table. If you like your old one, give it a refreshing look by putting a colourful vase with some fresh flowers on it. Go for the same colour or a slightly different shade from the rest of the furniture. This will really give the room a facelift.

3. Get a new TV

If you are considering to buy a new TV, to ensure it fits your expensive or cheap TV stand perfectly, buy a made-to-measure TV unit. Don’t settle for a generic TV that is made to blend with every room decor, but go for a more modern and stylish option. You can buy a TV set that has a surround system and a projector for great cinema nights with your friends.


4. Furniture

When re-decorating, always have in mind the aesthetics and symmetry. If your living room space is large, you should get larger pieces of furniture. However, keep it simple, otherwise you are going to create a crowded look, and lose the elegance and sophistication. If your space is small, whatever you do, don’t push it with the colours. Colour plays a huge role in aesthetics. Keep it simple and classy.

Another important thing to remember about furniture, is to arrange it so it always faces your windows or doors, and the TV stand to always be against the windows or doors. This way you will always have a lightened living room, and at the same time, no obstacles when watching TV.

5. Rugs

Finally, pay attention to your floors. Rugs are great for providing warmth in winter, but also a cozy floor for bare feet in spring. You can change your rugs seasonally, and the thing to always have in mind is that your rug has to fit the furniture in terms of colour, and the room space in terms of shape. Go for the modern rug size (does not cover entire floor) and make sure it brings the furniture together.