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Alcohol-Free Gin: Enjoy the Tasty Botanical Flavour Minus the Headaches

Whether it’s for a new year’s resolution or taking part in the Dry July campaign, it’s now easier than ever to give up alcohol without foregoing some spirits’ flavour. Even more surprising is that the current generation of 18 to 24-year-olds is increasingly choosing not to drink alcohol in favour of a better diet and lifestyle. For this reason, several beverage companies are now making amazing alcohol-free alternatives that may be deficient in alcohol, but not in flavour.

What is Alcohol-free Gin?

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What do you name a beverage that claims to be a spirit yet contains no alcohol? I can think of a few phrases such as virgin, zero proof, botanical drink, and non-alcoholic spirit. These alcohol-free gins allow you to have a drink without, well, having a drink. While they taste quite similar to the real thing, they don’t bring about the alcoholic repercussions, like the next-day hangover headache.

As such, they’re great for people who choose not to drink, or are unable to because of a health-related issue. Since they offer a nice refreshment sans the alcohol, they can also be an excellent choice for health-conscious individuals and expectant mothers alike.

What Can Alcohol-Free Gin Offer You?

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Because the non-alcohol drink options at bars are often bad, most people aren’t keen on this kind of spirit. This gives zero-alcohol beverages a bad rep but that’s about to change as customer demand for tasty alternatives is increasing.

After all, you can only handle so many lousy lemon-lime-bitters if you’ve ever been the designated driver for the night. Nowadays, you can still have fun in a pub without ignoring your D-driver duties with a range of temperance gin online that amazes with the flavour profiles, so you don’t have to miss out on the fabulous drink!

Fancy a spirit with strong and exotic juniper notes, identical to the original drink? You’re truly in for a treat as there are also citrous, hibiscus and rose blends, rhubarb, ginger, and notes of green cardamom and parsley for more adventurous drinkers. You can even use these gin-like options to step up your gin gifting game and provide your teetotal friends with something special to drink on a night out.

Lately, many alcohol-free gin brands want to offer not only a wonderfully tasting alcohol substitute but also a botanical-based drink that is a healthy version of the same. So, in addition to the traditional juniper berry, brands have produced combinations with sugar snap peas, ginger root, oranges, and cascarilla and oak extracts. And because most mocktails rely on sugar syrups and many pre-made mixers are loaded with chemicals, this is an excellent opportunity to try gin in a more approachable form. This is a good, healthy drink alternative to coke or lemon, lime, and bitters, which are generally a sweet second option to alcohol.

How is Alcohol-free ‘Gin’ Made?

The procedure of making temperance gin is identical to making alcoholic gin, as it uses the same botanicals. This often includes juniper, which is responsible for the ‘ginny’ flavour of gin, but also fruit peels, spices, herbs, and even bark. Most non-alcoholic manufacturers keep their formulas under wraps, owing to the complexity of the process and the skill required to perform it.

However, there are two primary methods for producing alcohol-free gin. The first step involves soaking the botanicals in cleaned water until they have a flavour that is similar to gin. Distillation is used to create an alcoholic gin. In a large copper pot, a batch of neutral-flavoured alcohol (typically sourced from wheat) is gradually cooked. There’s also a basket inside with the selected botanicals—essentially, it’s a potpourri party. The vapours ascend, absorbing botanical flavours as they go, then condense into gin.

How to Enjoy Alcohol-Free Gin?

By creating your own mocktails! They’re the alternative to cocktails, hence the “mock” in them because they’re zero on alcohol, and all you’ll need to create them is your selection of temperance gin and garnishes, plus ice. You’d be amazed by the blends and so would your friends! If you’re out of ideas, for start, you can give your own twist to classics like good old G&T, martini and negroni.

G&T Mocktail

G&T Mocktails
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There’s no more popular duo in the world of spirits than gin and tonic merged with incredible chemistry. Why miss out on something so incredible, when you can make your own guilt-free version of it? All you’ll need is a juniper-based non alcoholic gin and tonic water that you’ll mix nicely in a glass with lots of ice, and spice up with your choice of garnishes, like orange slices for a citrusy note.

Martini Mocktail

This drink is undoubtedly a classic, and its elegance lies in its cleanliness and simplicity. If you’d like to host fancy parties and top them off with a touch of elegance, then serve your own martini minus the alcohol for the non-drinkers. What you’ll need to create it is your choice of alcohol-free gin, alcohol-free vermouth, lemon peels and ice. Mix the gin and vermouth well in a glass with ice, then serve in a chilled glass with the lemon peel on it.

Negroni Mocktail

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The sophisticated taste buds are after the bitterness of an aperitif like this Italian classic that’s basically a mix of gin, Campari and vermouth. Get your favourite non-alcoholic gin and vermouth, find a substitute for the Campari, like the Crodino, pour them in a glass with ice and garnish with an orange peel.

For a nice finishing touch that would also give your taste a boost, don’t forget to acquire the right types of glasses for these mocktails. Cheers!