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Better Than Flowers: Surprise Your Loved Ones With Sweet Bouquets

The act of gift-giving is as old as humans are. We’ve always strived to make those we care about happy and commemorate special occasions with something that will make that day just a little bit sweeter. 

If way back when it was required for you to make something and give it as a gift, nowadays that possibility is still here, but there are other ways, too! Premade gifts are available all around and there is such a wide variety you can choose from. This allows us to pick just the gift for the person we’re giving it to, making the whole ordeal as personal and unique as if we made the gift ourselves. 

When on the topic of premade gifts, you may be thinking of traditional items like jewellery, flowers, bottles of wine, and so on. However, if these seem a bit overdone to you and you’d like to change your gifting game a little bit I’d like to introduce you to fruit bouquets! 

Fruit Bouquets – A Novel Spin on A Traditional Gift

Fruit bouquets are just that – a bouquet made of sweet, fresh fruit instead of flowers! Arranged just like a flower bouquet is and packaged in innovative ways, they deserve all the consideration when you’re thinking of your next gift to a family member or friend! 

Fruit bouquets are easy to find in specialized stores all over Australia. No matter if you’re looking for a fruit bouquet Sydney wide or you’re all the way across the country in Perth, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a retailer who makes these sweet arrangements!

Just as they are widespread, they also offer a wide variety! The point of gift-giving is to make the recipient feel like the gift is truly picked out for them and those who make these sweet bouquets understand this very well! Let’s go over the available types and what you can do with them!

Fresh Fruit Bouquets: The New Classic 

Source: itsybitsyfoodies.com

Fresh fruit bouquets were the very first sweet bouquets to come out and they’re now a classic item! Simple enough to be able to be gifted to anyone, but still special enough to make the giftee feel like the world revolves around them, the classic, fresh fruit bouquet is an item you can’t go wrong with! 

Fresh fruit bouquets are usually made with strawberries as their main ingredient. Because of their colour and shape strawberries resemble actual roses the most and their compact size allows for them to be arranged into a stunningly beautiful bouquet! Additions like details made of honeydew or an actual flower here and there can also be added to the fresh fruit bouquet to round it all up and make it even more special.

The great thing about this classic option is that you can give it to absolutely anyone! Eating fresh fruit is a recommendation we hear almost all the time, so if you’d like to skip the calorie-heavy chocolates or temporary rose bouquets, opt for this sweet little treat! 

Chocolate Bouquets: A Spin On The Spin 

Chocolate Bouquets
Source: Edible Blooms Facebook page

For those not quite ready to give up on the chocolatey goodies just yet but like the idea of a fruit bouquet, just the thing exists that brings both of these worlds together in a scrumptious reality! You can find bouquets that combine fresh fruit with high-quality chocolate and put a spin on this novel gift item! 

Chocolate bouquets usually come with fresh strawberries which are either plain or dipped in chocolate and combined with chocolate goodies made of artisan, high-quality chocolates you can choose from! These are perfect and romantic at the same time, so if you’re looking to spice up your anniversary gift – don’t look any further! Skip the roses and just get a fruit and chocolate bouquet! 

Moving on, it’s not just about fruit and chocolates. You can get bouquets made entirely of doughnuts with different toppings on adding both style and fun to the bouquet! The doughnuts can be paired with fruit, too, just to mix the flavours and make the gift more personal.

Furthermore, you should know that any option you choose is highly customisable and you can really play around with additions, sizes, and tastes! 

Sweet Packages: A Rounded Up Gift Bag 

Finally, we have the sweet packages, which are something to get when you really want to show the person you’re giving them special attention and emphasise their special day even more! 

The sweet packages can consist of either fresh strawberries dipped in tasty chocolate, doughnuts with different glazings on or a mixture of the two. In addition, the packages often come with a bottle of champagne, like Moet, that really rounds the gift up and gives it that special flair! 

If you’re up for a more healthy option and would like to skip on the alcohol, a healthy treats box exists! Instead of the chocolate, you get an assortment of healthy sweets that will give that special someone in your life the biggest smile! 

Chocolate Bouquets with alcohol
Source: Edible Blooms Facebook page

These packages usually come in well-decorated boxes, although they can also arrive in a reusable, decorative bucket which the giftee can keep as a memento! This goes for the fresh fruit bouquets and the chocolate and fruit bouquets as well! 

When looking into these gifts bare in mind that freshness is the keyword so make sure you find a retailer that’s in your city. You really don’t want to be in Canberra or Melbourne and order a fruit bouquet Sydney! Pay attention to details and mix and match until you’ve made the perfect bouquet for your special person!

If you’re not a fan of the bubbly you can always customise by yourself and add a nice bottle of red or white wine to your bouquet or pair it with another favourite drink, a book, jewellery, and so on! These gifts are all about uniqueness, so don’t be afraid to go all out!