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Dog Car Travel Accessories: Hit the Road With Your Furry Friend

Who could say no to a relaxing car ride? You’re absolutely right, no one. And yes, while dogs can’t speak, they can definitely show their enthusiasm by excitedly hopping into your lap as you’ve just sat down on the driver’s seat. As they stare at you with those big adorable puppy eyes, you realize you simply don’t have the heart to leave them home alone.

dog travel in a car

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These days, you can easily hire a dog transport company to do all the heavy lifting for you and move your pup to your destination. It’ll no doubt be in the safest hands but that cuts your bonding time a little short, don’t you think? If you want to get the most out of your road trip with your pooch, our advice would be to equip your car with dog safe accessories to make travelling much more convenient and fun. We’ve got you covered though so no need to worry, just have a quick look at our checklist of things to be on the lookout for before going on the road.

Make Your Car Accessible With a Ramp

Supposing you have a smaller dog or one with mobility difficulties, it might be a bit of a challenge to get it to jump into the car. Puppies and smaller-sized dogs in particular are more prone to back injuries from excessive jumping and might feel a little anxious or scared to try to make the leap. And on the other side of the spectrum, you have larger dogs that are too heavy to be picked up. Then there’s also the fact that some dogs don’t even like being picked up, regardless of their size. This presents itself as a whole new problem.

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Luckily, there is a solution – buying a compact foldable telescopic dog ramp to easily guide your furry mate into the vehicle. Such ramps are quite sturdy and adjustable so they can be used on dogs and cars of all shapes and sizes. Designed with an aluminium frame and rigid plastic, a telescopic dog ramp offers a non-slip and durable surface that your dog can use to climb up with little to no effort. No need to worry about your doggo getting injured when jumping into the car anymore. It’s a thing of the past.

Make sure you anchor the dog ramp to the edge of your trunk with a locking clip to make sure it doesn’t glide along the surface. This will provide additional support and safety as your pet makes its way inside.

And as the name suggests you can simply fold and store the ramps once your pet is safely inside the vehicle. They’re portable, lightweight and don’t even take up that much space, so you shouldn’t find it too difficult to find a place to set them aside.

Upgrade the Interior With Crash-Tested Equipment

Keeping your pet extra safe and secure with either crash-tested tools is crucial. After all, we use seatbelts to prevent injuries, so why can’t dogs do that too? And it’s also not a good idea to have an unrestrained dog moving around the car at free will since it can interfere with your driving. That’s not safe for neither you nor your little friend.

Dog Crates

dog crate indoor

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The key thing to remember is achieving a cosy vibe, making your dog actually want to spend time in it. Opt for a metal crate that has more than enough room for your puppy to comfortably snuggle in with its favourite blanket. Research shows that it can also ease motion sickness for some species of dogs.

Dog Car Harness

Now this is basically the equivalent to a human seatbelt. These are quite useful for dogs that haven’t been crate trained or feel anxious when confined in enclosed spaces. Plus, there’s an added sense of companionship when the dog is seated in the back seat of the car in exactly the way humans are. You can use a waterproof seat cover to prevent mud and dirt from getting on your seats too.
dog seat belt safe accessories

Store Food and Drinks in Storage Containers

Let’s face it, you probably won’t have enough time to whip up some food while driving, so store your food neatly in containers to have them ready on the go. Choose a spill-proof dog bowl to keep your pup from making a mess everywhere.

You should also purchase a portable water bottle since there’s bound to be some spillage from all the movement in the car if you’re using a regular water bowl. They’re designed to have a bowl-shaped opening at the top which allows your dog to drink freely.

Keep Your Pet at Bay With a Leash And Collar

dog collar GPS

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The ID tag on each collar serves as identification in case your pooch ever gets lost. If you constantly want to have an eye on it, you can install a GPS tracker onto the collar and mount a tracking monitor to your car. This way, you won’t have to constantly wonder about its whereabouts.

When you decide to go on a walk to explore the nearby area, use a leash to keep your pet in sight and ensure proper behaviour. You can even match the colours of the leash and collar for a sleek fashion statement.

Keep Things Squeaky-Clean With Hygiene Products

When you’re miles away from the nearest dog washing station and you’ve spent hours together in the car, there’s definitely going to be a little bit of a mess. Use grooming wipes to freshen up a bit and clean up any dirt or mud you might come across. And, we assume it goes without saying, take a poop bag. Please. For the sake of everyone.

Fun Travel Accessories

Bringing along your dog’s favourite chew toy to keep busy might be a good idea. It won’t fuss around in the car as much since it’ll be fully entertained and occupied. Make travelling with your pup less of a nuisance by getting a chew toy and enjoying the ride.

Last But Not Least, First Aid Kit and Medication

Since you most definitely won’t have medical assistance available at all times, it’s good to keep a handy first aid kit nearby. Cuts, scrapes and bruises are some of the most common injuries that dogs can experience in the great outdoors and you should make sure you’re ready to treat them. You never know when accidents or emergencies might happen so it’s good to be prepared. Ointment, antibiotics and hydrogen peroxide are on the list of essential substances you’ll need to heal any injuries. Ask your vet to provide suggestions for additional backup safety supplies you might need so that you have everything in order.