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Enhance Your Home’s Interior Décor: Steps to Incorporating Industrial Style

As one of the popular styles that have been trendy time and time again, industrial style has that general laidback appeal that stems from the exposed elements, like bare bricks, metal and wood. It feels right at home in lofts as much as cottages, studio apartments, and converted warehouses.

All this bundled together makes it easy to incorporate in just about any abode, and with just about any budget you can work with. And, the best thing of it all is you won’t have to worry about it ever not being trendy or getting old since it takes design cues from classic, old-school aesthetics.

How Do You Achieve Industrial Style?

The main features of the industrial style are stripped back, raw and unfurnished surfaces. This can be achieved by exposing certain areas or pipes and leaving areas of the ceiling or floor unfinished. You should start by assessing what architectural features you already have in your home that could be used to your advantage.

Harness the Charm of Brick Wallpaper

brick effect wallpaper in living room
source: homeworlddesign.com

Since walls take up quite some space in your home, as well as the décor, it’s only natural to want to use them to your advantage when incorporating elements of industrial. You’re in luck if you choose to take this step because there are various brick effect wallpaper designs that are sophisticated and timeless because of the colours and textures that mimic actual bricks.

Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you can pick from wallpapers that imitate striking red bricks, soothing white bricks, dramatic black bricks, as well as those with aged dark red for a more worn-out appearance and charm. With all this variety, it’s important to consider the room and the existing décor prior to buying and installing the wallpaper.

You have the flexibility to welcome the elegance of brick effect wallpaper in the hallway to create a lasting impression from the first step someone makes in your home, as much as the living room, kitchen, and even the bedroom and bathroom.

You don’t even have to cover the whole wall if you don’t feel like risking it. Creating a statement wall can do the trick, as will surrounding the fireplace or kitchen island, and creating a nice backsplash for a metal headboard in the bedroom.

This especially works if you double up the warmth of industrial with additional elements, like reclaimed wood shelves with exposed galvanised metal pipes. In case you choose to add brick wallpaper in the bathroom and kitchen where it can easily be splashed or stained, paying attention to certain characteristics like low maintenance and washability can come in handy as they can make things much easier.

Shop for Weathered Wood Pieces

weathered wood flooring with brick wallpaper in kitchen
source: roohome.com

Splurging on new wood flooring is an investment that could instantly increase the dose of warmth and comfort in your abode, in addition to adding more to the overall value, however, given the price it may not be that acceptable for everyone. If you’re among those who can’t afford such a step, at least for the time being, you can always reach out for the help of weathered wood pieces from old factories or ships and use them as they are or even repurpose them.

For instance, old floor panels can easily turn into panelled wall pieces for the kitchen, and they could double the result of the brick effect wallpaper. Parts of the hallway or living room could also serve as bases for the panels that you can use to turn areas into your drink or tea corners with a fancy entryway or a hallway console table with compartments that have old metal framing.

Speaking of framing, old frames can be repurposed into works of art to decorate walls with a weathered appeal. Even aged window and door framing can be turned into such works of art that you can use to frame a large art print or painting for example. This way you help the environment too because you don’t contribute to waste.

Take Care of the Lighting

industrial style loft with LED lighting
source: roohome.com

Even if you don’t try out anything else, the simple change of the lighting fittings can result in a huge transformation. The market is full of industrial-style lighting options, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding something that matches the kind of industrial touch you want to inject your abode with.

Investing in lots of steel and metal is the way to go to enhance more of the beauty of brick wallpaper and wooden furniture elements so don’t be afraid to mix things up with industrial metallic pendants for the dining area or kitchen area, and mesh or wire cages with LED filament bulbs for a warm outcome.

Recycled glass models and concrete designs are also at home when it comes to this style, and they can be quite the eye-catching details in a minimal living room or hallway. Those who want to pay homage to the industrial could also incorporate a pulley lighting system that would become the star of the interior décor.