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Improve the Performance of Your Dodge Ram with a Throttle Controller

To keep your pickup truck in good working condition, you must focus on maintaining its parts, especially its engine at a top level. Although this used to be far more difficult, nowadays, it can be easier thanks to many technological advancements that we take for granted. These include the dual-clutch transmission, turbocharging, electronic torque vectoring differentials, a drive-by-wire system and more.

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The Ram is equipped with most of these systems, which make it so powerful, especially when it comes to towing. The Dodge ram also comes with a lot of legroom at the back and a stylish interior. While upgrading the interior is a matter of personal preference, when it comes to keeping your Ram’s performance at a top-level, it’s a whole different story. There are some things you should do before you end up spending a lot of money on expensive performance upgrades, and one of these things includes installing an electronic throttle controller.

What Does a Throttle Controller Do?

A throttle controller helps extend the life of your vehicle. All it does to make this happen is keep tabs on the amount of fuel being used when you apply pressure on the accelerator pedal. While your Ram already has a system that does that, with a Dodge Ram electronic throttle control unit you get a bit more control.

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Types of Throttle Controllers


The level of control a throttle controller gives you is what determines its complexity. Basic Dodge Ram throttle controllers can make your pickup truck run either more efficiently or accelerate faster. There is usually a selection of up to three modes that you can choose from to determine the type of ride you want. Some basic throttle controllers also give you the freedom to create your mode but they are usually quite limited.


If you want a Dodge Ram electronic throttle control device that not only allows you to create your modes, but provides you with information about the throttle body, consider more advanced controllers. Programmers allow you to also see how well your Ram’s throttle is optimised. This information is shown on the display of the device which you can use to improve upon the selected mode or make a new one for the type of driving you’ll want to do.

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Benefits of Throttle Controllers


It’s safe to say that installing an electronic throttle control Dodge Ram is going to make your off-roading vehicle more fuel-efficient. By learning from your Ram’s throttle body and your driving habits, the throttle controller will get better over time. This means if the device is not making any major difference at the beginning it will over time get better at making the right amount of fuel being used to accelerate your vehicle.


If you want to make the performance of your Ram something that you haven’t seen before on a pickup truck then you can do so with a throttle controller. By eliminating what is known as throttle lag, your Ram will accelerate quicker as it will respond to the movement of your right foot on time. This way you won’t have to use the brakes as much since you will accelerate quickly and on time without the need to apply the brakes when you need to stop at a red light just because your Ram responded late.

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Installing a Throttle Controller

  1. To install a throttle controller you don’t need any kind of specialised tool. All you need is the device and the connector that comes with it. What you need to do is locate the original plug connected to the accelerator pedal.
  2. Once found, this plug needs to be removed and the connector that came with your electronic throttle control Dodge Ram needs to be fitted in that exact location. Then, you just need to connect the original plug to the back of the one you just connected.
  3. With the device hooked up, find a place on the dashboard where you will attach the throttle controller. Make sure the location of the controller isn’t in the way of other controls.
  4. The wire from the throttle controllers needs to be tucked away too. This is best done by running the wire through the steering column. Once you’ve done all this, mount the throttle controller to the desired location on the dashboard of your Ram with double-sided tape.
  5. With your vehicle turned off, switch the ignition on and start your Ram. Then, turn on the throttle controller and follow the provided instruction manual that explains how to set it up. The set-up process is usually a simple one, as you typically need to select a number or a letter that corresponds with the type of transmission your Ram relies on and that’s it.