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Beyond Fun: Why Frisbees are So Popular

Are you looking for a new way to get your children out? If you want to get them to exercise while having lots of fun, let me interest you in a range of activities, including a simple frisbee disc. Moreover, it’s so fun that it barely feels like exercise!

As a sport, Frisbee has become popular in recent years. Parents and children increasingly accept it as a sport for kids to make the most of the sunshine during summer days. The game isn’t demanding for new players, making it a great way to have quality time with your family, friends, and even your little pooch.

How to choose the best frisbee disc for you and your family? What are some of the benefits of throwing a frisbee, and what are some game ideas? Read on to learn how to get involved in this exciting activity.

How to Choose a Frisbee for Kids?

All frisbees have one thing in common: the circular disc shape. This shape allows them to move through the air effortlessly, making them what they are, flying discs. However, frisbees come in different sizes, weights, colours and styles. These are the two main factors to consider before buying a kids frisbee?


If you search for kids frisbees online, you’ll come across different weight options, anywhere from 33 to 165 gr. While lightweight discs are less tiring to throw around, heavier ones are more stable in the blowing wind and travel farther. Since lightweight frisbees are easier to catch and won’t hurt upon impact, they’re perfect for kids. They’re a good option If you’re new to the game. As you advance in your throwing, you can get a heavier one.

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What are the different sizes of frisbees? Flying discs come in sizes 20-28 cm. Next to weight on the product page, you can also find the frisbee’s diameter. Opt for kids frisbees that fit well in your and your children’s hands. A smaller frisbee usually travels further.

Benefits of the Frisbee Game

Numerous Health Benefits

It Increases Endurance

To start with a sport that includes frisbee, such as the Ultimate Frisbee, means you need to move continually, whether you are sprinting, jogging, or walking. For most of the game, the disc is in the game, so you need to be able to stay moving for long periods. Many ultimate players can efficiently run several kilometres on days when they don’t have games or practices.

It Allows HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

A HIIT is the best way to lose weight and become more athletic. Such training allows you to go hard for a while and then go easy for half of the time, a proven method for burning more calories and noticeable weight loss. Additionally, it helps increase your resting metabolic rate. Lastly, HIIT helps increase your lactic acid threshold, which means you can better tolerate the burn from doing physical activity for long periods.

It Increases Agility

How agile you are is how quickly you can move your body when physically active. A competitive offensive and defensive Ultimate Frisbee player needs to make quick turns, meaning you become more agile with regular practice. This agility also helps with your jumping.

It Allows Full Body Workout

When catching a frisbee, you have to run to it, then squat or jump, meaning you’ll move in a way that makes you use muscles you don’t usually use. On the other side, throwing a disc allows using your legs, hips, core, and arms. It’s like unleashing a tied-up coil. You also need to run a lot while playing, causing stress on your legs.

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Social Benefits

One great thing is that anyone can play Frisbee, meaning not only does it makes a great exercise but a perfect social activity for a child’s development. Choose the suitable frisbee for kids so your little ones can play with you, other kids, friends and family, including their grandparents and dogs. You can search for local frisbee clubs in your local area, and if there aren’t any, you can organise one for your children and their friends.

A Mood Booster

We all want to raise healthy, happy kids. Exercise releases endorphins and combining this with activity, sunshine, fresh air and socialising is a great way to boost your children’s mood. All the running, jumping, ducking and catching will tire them, and if you join them, you ensure spending quality time as a family, too.

If organising a day of a big family frisbee game in the local park, followed by a picnic, won’t encourage your kids to run around and get more exercise, nothing will!

Frisbee Game Ideas for Kids

Besides being fun and beneficial, only throwing and catching a frisbee can get boring. The good news is that you can use it for many games and play with it in many ways.

Ultimate Frisbee

The most popular disc sport, Ultimate Frisbee, combines football and soccer. The goal is to score as many points by tossing the disc to a team member on the opposition’s field. An important rule is that the player with the disc can’t run with it, similar to basketball. Ultimate Frisbee is so popular, rumour has it that it will be an eligible discipline at the 2024 Olympics!

ideas for playing with kids frisbees
source: ecolosport.fr

Disc Golf

A fun alternative to regular golf, a disc golf game is when players stand in a tee box and throw a disc into a basket that acts as the hole in golf. The winner is the player with the lowest number of throws after 18 holes.

Dodge bee

Have you ever played dodgeball? Dodge bee is a game with similar rules, only with 13 people on each team and one frisbee.

Frisbee Tic Tac Toe

Turn the classic Xs and Os game into tic-tac-toe by creating a giant of a shower curtain and some tape. Have kids throw frisbees into the squares, allowing them to strategize where to make their next move, and also use coordination to throw it in that spot.

Noodle Race

An adorable game with pool noodles and frisbees! You can use noodles to balance a frisbee on top and then let children race. Those who drop their frisbees must go back to the beginning.