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Steps To Install Vinyl Flooring

Invented back in the 1930’s, the flooring vinyl made a huge impact in the world of architecture. By the 1950’s, the vinyl flooring became a major competitor to all other flooring types as a water resistant and low cost option. Many other desirable features continue to make this flooring solution a primary choice for many. So, if you are planning on renovating your home, installing flooring vinyl is the first thing you should do. This flooring option comes in many different styles and designs; it is very easy to maintain, and easy to install. Here are few steps on how to install your new vinyl flooring.

Flooring Vinyl

Prepare The Existing Floor – With the right adhesive and preparation, flooring vinyl can be installed over any dry and clean surface. If you want to install the vinyl over concrete, inspect for excess moisture by gluing one piece of vinyl and tap the edges. Leave the piece for 72 hours and then try to pull it up. If it comes up easily, this means there is too much moisture in the concrete. In some cases, the flooring vinyl can be glued directly to the existing wood, vinyl or ceramic tile floors, but you will need a special glue and fillers.

Cut Out A Paper Template – Once your old floor is cleaned and prepped, you can use a paper template to mark both the sheet flooring vinyl and the new layer for cutting. Use heavy paper for your template.

Install A Smooth Plywood Underlayment – A great smooth surface is vital for proper installation of the flooring vinyl. The easiest way to achieve this is to install a layer over the existing floor. Also, make sure the plywood that is going to be used is durable enough to be used under the vinyl.

Cut The Vinyl According To The Template – Once you have installed the underlayment and have created the template, you can cut out the flooring vinyl and start gluing it down. If your vinyl flooring has a symmetrical pattern, you will have to make a decision how to join the templates in order to get the look you want. If you have to unite two flooring pieces with steam, first match the patterns and then tape them together.

Glue It – When you are done cutting the vinyl, carefully roll the vinyl and brush off any remaining debris or dirt. Then unroll the flooring vinyl in the room an check the fit.

Regular Maintenance Is A Must – Once you have installed your flooring vinyl, make sure you regularly maintain it to keep it in good condition as long as possible. If possible, use protective pads under the chairs and the table legs, and avoid walking with high heels. When moving heavy furniture or appliances over the floor, protect the floor first. Regularly vacuum and mop and always clean grit and dirt right away, and use special cleaning solutions which are recommended for vinyl flooring.