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Steps to Make Your Bedroom Look Like a Magazine Cover

Sideboard Buffet

They are the most intimate places in our house where we get to be ourselves without anyone judging. This is why most of us feel free to leave them looking quite messy and cramped. Yet, there are so many magazines around which show us that bedrooms can be both intimate and utterly stylish. However, keep in mind that in order that magazine look, those bedrooms have been styled by professionals and many people have worked on that one room to make it look cover – worthy.

A few months ago, I began a mission to make my bedroom look like it was styled by a professional interior designer, so without spending a lot of money but putting a lot of effort into it, I finally did it and I will show you how you can do it as well.

Like I said before, bedrooms are usually the most disorganized rooms in the house. If your bedroom is like mine and is constantly overrun with clothing and all kinds of cosmetics and accessories, make sure to use the most out of all the drawers around. Since I continuously faced that problem and didn’t have enough space in my wardrobe nor in the drawers to put all the stuff that was consuming my bedroom, I decided to make an investment. I bought a wooden sideboard buffet to go with my bed and trust me it was way cheaper than buying a new wardrobe. I chose the one that seemed the biggest with two drawers and two doors. It’s actually the only item I bought for my mission to give my bedroom that Instagram appeal. That life saving piece of furniture brought a fresh touch in my bedroom and it gave me the needed storage for all the “bedroom leftovers” that were desperately lying around the bed, the chair and even the floor. When I solved the biggest problem, everything else was much easier than I ever expected it to be.


The bedsheets are usually very eye – catching in the magazine cover bedrooms. Most of the time decorators use more layers of sheets to make the bed look luxurious. I followed their steps and combined two different styles of sheets and blankets I already had. You will be impressed how a little detail can change so much! I grabbed a few of my small living room pillows that come in many colours and designs and placed them above the sleeping ones. The sheets and the blanket are white and green and the pillows come in cute floral dark green designs. A small change, but such a big difference.

The next thing I wanted in my bedroom was a beauty corner. It was another easy, yet such an amazing solution. I took my hallway medium sized mirror and placed it above the new sideboard buffet. I put all my makeup and other cosmetics in the top drawer, decorated it with a few candles, a fresh bouquet and a family photo. Now it looks so simple yet very trendy and I absolutely love it!

In the end, I got rid of the three big paintings that were hanging on my walls and were literally suffocating the space. Now the walls are all white, empty and make my bedroom look much more spacious. The chair that we were using for storing our dirty clothes and other unnecessary stuff finally found its purpose. I placed it by the window and decorated it with a long green scarf and a white pillow. I’m a real bookworm so I placed a few of my favourite books on the floor next to the chair and made myself a little Pinterest – like reading nook.

And there you have it! I made my bedroom look like it’s taken out of a magazine cover in just a few days. My next goal is redecorating my living room. If I succeed, I’ll inform you. Stay tuned.