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Steps To Prevent Further Hair Loss In Women


The worst nightmare to every woman is losing hair. Some lose hair earlier than expected due to giving birth, medications, illness, genetics or other unknown reasons. This problem is very common and nowadays, one out of three women experiences hair loss. Many professionals that deal with hair loss in women offer effective and affordable treatments for this and other similar problems.

Losing hair is the most devastating thing that can happen to a woman. It ruins her confidence and changes her life completely. However, thanks to the innovative technology, the hair loss in women can be prevented and treated.

Step 1 – One common reason that causes hair loss in women is stress. Living in a busy world and trying to build a professional career takes a toll on some women. Therefore, doctors suggest to change the way of living as soon as possible. Relieve yourself from all emotional or mental stress through exercises like yoga and mediation as these are proven to lower stress level and help prevent hair loss in women.

Step 2 – What you eat is very important for the health of your hair. One of the things that causes hair loss in women is the unhealthy diet and bad eating habits. Instead of eating snacks and high-calorie foods, start consuming food rich in carbohydrates and proteins. One way to prevent hair loss is to start eating foods like fish, poultry, meat and dairy products.

Step 3 – If you plan to lose weight, consult with your doctor about the food you need to eat. Keep in mind that hair is sensitive even to a mild iron deficiency. Many doctors recommend consuming multivitamins with iron to prevent hair loss in women. Not consuming enough vitamins is one of the main reason why hair loss in women is a common problem nowadays.

Step 4 – Revise you family history in order to determine whether you are prone to hair loss or not. Genetic is said to be the main cause for hair loss in women. If that is the case, then you should talk to your doctor even if you detect small changes in your hair growth. You can do that with your hairstylist as well, because they are quite familiar with all treatments and products that can prevent or reduce the hair loss.

Step 5 – Stop using any harsh hair products. Hair loss in women can occur due to extreme hair treatments like bleaching, highlights, straightening, curling, etc. It is best to leave your hair as natural as possible and to apply oil treatments for increased blood circulation.