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Steps To Secure: Choosing the Best Replacement Door Handles and Knobs for Your Fixtures

From the heavy-duty grabs on workshop cabinets to the contemporary pulls used to stow ute and RV accessories, handles and knobs are among the most ubiquitous pieces of hardware that you’ll find on any office or workplace fixture. And when it comes to breathing new life into old fixtures, no other piece of hardware has the ability to transform them the way handles and knobs can.

Their combination of style and relative simplicity belies a key aspect of their functionality, though. No matter if it’s a folding T-handle or a locking compression latch, it’s responsible for ensuring that your cabinet or drawer’s contents are properly protected; that’s what makes finding secure, high-quality replacement handles and knobs a priority.

Replacement Door Handles to Secure All Your Cabinets and Fixtures

a T type handle fixed on a ute
source: facebook.com/IRS.Australia

There’s a reason why when it comes to sprucing up the doors and drawers on your office decor and equipment cabinets, hardware needs to be your first consideration. Not only do handles and knobs lose their lustre over time, but they can also get broken, leaving you with a fixture that’s unsecured, as well as unattractive. The solution, fortunately, isn’t complex, but it starts with the kind of replacement door handle Australia trusts to secure its office, workplace, and mobile storage fixtures.

Together with premium locks, latches, and hinges, leading Australian hardware and fastener suppliers and stockists know that they need to have the widest, and most comprehensive selection of door handles and knobs in the country, including:

  • Strap handles. Strap-type, acid- and alkali-resistant PVC handles are UL94V-0 fire-rated and are designed for heavy-use environments where temperature extremes can vary between -20°C and 75°C.
  • Flush grab and chest handles. Flush-mounted, pocket pull grab handles, and toolbox-type chest handles are manufactured from 304 stainless steel, are available with either brushed, or zinc-plated finishes, and are superb replacement handles for tool and utility chests.
  • Pull-type grab handles. Heavy-duty versions of classic pull-type drawer handles are available in polypropylene, aluminium, or stainless steel, boast either direct pull or pivoting configurations, and are as suitable for workshop equipment cabinets and drawers as they are for ute tray back drawers.
  • Compression locks and handles. Durable lift and turn, and wingtip and pop lock compression handles are cast and machined from steel, feature a choice of triangular, short-shaft, or Euro profile key locks, and are ideal for steel electrical enclosures.
  • Drop, and whale tail handles. These stainless steel twist-to-lock compression handles are available in either manual or automatic activated configurations with Euro profile key locks and are commonly used on quick-release cabinets in workshops, or on utes or boats.
  • L-type, and T-type handles. Large, chrome-finished L- and T-type handles feature key-locking functionality and are typically used on the panels and canopies on utes, wagons, or other vehicles.
  • Paddle and slam handles. Key locking stainless steel paddle handles are the preferred choice for door handle replacements on caravans and campers, as well as tradie toolboxes and canopies.

Make no mistake: there’s no shortage of door handles for sale in Australia, and top-rated specialist suppliers are only going to stock the most rugged, corrosion-resistant handles available. And when it comes to making sure that the contents behind these handles are as secure as possible, the best of them rely on the uncompromised security that’s built into modern Euro profile key locks.

Euro Profile Key Locks Offer the Maximum Security You Need

Unlike ordinary cylinder locks, Euro profile key locks are machined from a single piece of metal stock with the locking cam component situated between the ends of the cylinder. And while Euro locks have garnered a reputation over the years for being vulnerable to tampering, you can be confident that when you buy locking door handles with Euro profile locks from premium stockists, they’re equipped with the latest generation of security features needed to keep your drawer or cabinet content secure.

The best of these top-quality Euro key and barrel combinations are made of chromed brass and boast a range of superior attributes that include:

  • Hardened anti-bump and anti-drill steel pins for maximum security;
  • A choice of up to 20 keying options direct from the key lock supplier; and,
  • A high-quality polished chrome finish.

With their hardened pinning, and ability to be modified to match a variety of security profiles, these Euro key locks are perfect for whitetail and compression type handles in single-, as well as multi-user environments. And if you’re looking for even greater customization from your hardware’s security, you can even order door handles online with electronic locking controls.

Versatile E-Locking Security Gives You Full Control over Your Handles

a Versatile E-Locking system on a ute
source: globalind.com.au

When it comes to getting the most from its door handles, Australia knows that security, and ultimately convenience, aren’t exclusive. Not only are they traits that complement each other, but they belong together; that’s why top door handle hardware suppliers and stockists also carry a full range of mobile-user handles that can be powered by 12V activated along with all of their other ute, boat, and caravan accessories.

With E-Locking capabilities, you can always be sure of the locking status of your whale tail and compression-type handles, including:

  • 12V power locking in conjunction with Euro lock override key;
  • Red and green LED open/close, and lock/unlock indicators; and,
  • 1-, 2-, and 3-point key entry, along with power override.

E-Lock equipped locking hardware allows ute, wagon, or boat owners who have to lock canopies, cabinets, or drawers on their rig to be certain that their goods are protected at all times. IP-65 ratings against water and dust intrusion round out the layered security that these door handles have to offer, making them the kind of replacement handles you can’t afford to do without.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, with their rugged construction and largely universal fit, finding secure replacement handles and knobs for your fixtures isn’t difficult. The handles on your electrical and high-value equipment cabinets, as well as the drawers and toolboxes on your ute, need added security though, and that means they need the best locks you can get.

It all starts, however, with the kind of tough replacement door handle Australia trusts to keep its cabinets and doors closed, and its valuables secure. It’s the most worthwhile investment you can make when rejuvenating a fixture.