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Steps to Using Wedding Props for Unique Weddings

As the wedding day is one of the most important days in a person’s life, at least in women’s case (chuckles), it’s needless to say everything has to be perfect. We spend months trying to get into the details of every aspect: planning the ceremony, the reception, the location, the church, the courses, the music, the centrepieces… and the list goes on.

Getting carried away, it’s easy to forget the importance of a good pre-wedding photoshoot since it’s what makes the memory of this day last forever. Thankfully we have the social networks to remind us we have photos to share! To make your photoshoot unique read through this post and get inspired.

Umbrella, Ella, Ella…

If there’s one accessory that’s the staple for every season it’s got to be the wedding umbrella. Whether you two steal a kiss under it, or hide from the rain, you can be sure of the added charm to your photos because umbrellas come in a variety of designs, made of different materials, like delicate lace, transparent PVC, to classic Japanese bamboo parasol, and make a perfect statement of protection – symbolic for your marriage too!

In case your wedding day happens to be a rainy one, give all your guests a wedding umbrella and you can definitely count on group photos where you sing in the rain without a worry the weather is going to mess up the mood.wedding umbrella

Sharing a Hobby

It’s not rare that hobbies are what helped a couple meet or bond, so if you have that activity that you love to share it makes for a great photoshoot opportunity. Depending on what the hobby is, something that characterises your relationship, there can be a wide range of props.

For instance, if it’s travelling it can be a photoshoot at the place you two love to visit or some memorabilia from there, if it’s reading you can take some photos with favourite books, at the favourite library or bookshop, whereas sports couples can make use of jerseys and sports fields.photos-wedding

Light Up!

Whether you’re up for a night-time photoshoot or not, fact is lights are the ingredient you need to make it magical. There’s immediate sense of intimacy, romance, when you and your soulmate are tied together with lights around. Besides, there are so many types of lights for sale, available in different colours and shapes so you are sure to find something that speaks of you two.Wedding photos with candles