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Everyone wants their special day to be enjoyable for themselves but also for everyone involved. Your wedding day is not an easy task to organize, but online shopping exists for the sole reason of your convenience and you should take advantage of it. Other than the bride’s wedding dress, some of the other most important details involve your choice of lighting and music, wedding reception decorations, wedding ceremony accessories, the wedding cake, and much more fortunately for the one who organizes it.

As the wedding day is one of the most important days in a person’s life, at least in women’s case (chuckles), it’s needless to say everything has to be perfect. We spend months trying to get into the details of every aspect: planning the ceremony, the reception, the location, the church, the courses, the music, the centrepieces… and the list goes on.

Getting carried away, it’s easy to forget the importance of a good pre-wedding photoshoot since it’s what makes the memory of this day last forever. Thankfully we have the social networks to remind us we have photos to share! To make your photoshoot unique read through this post and get inspired.

It is no secret that most men are not very good at baring their soul and expressing their deepest feelings of affection and connection to their partner, but what they are great at is manifesting those emotions through their actions. Yes, I am talking about sex. When men are in a healthy and loving relationship, they become amazing lovers, setting free the passionate Beast inside them for their beloved Beauty. That’s right; love ignites the sexual fires in many men, making each of their look disarming, each of their touch arousing, each of their kiss filled with undying lust.


Lovemaking is a delicate and extremely important part of the relationship for both of the partners, but I can safely say that men are the ones who constantly carry its weight. Let’s face it: they are doing all of the hard work. Yes, it is true that women can sometimes endure pain during the sexual intercourse (a little pain in the bedroom is always welcome; well, at least in my bedroom). However, the real and much adored game of naughtiness and pleasure won’t begin until men are ready to play.

Now, we all know that it is completely normal for a man to have a hard time (no pun intended) getting and keeping an erection. Still, this is not when he should give into despair, ashamed of what has and has not happened. Please, men, do not do this to yourself. Today, there is an effective solution to every problem, including this one. Sex toys might be exactly what you need to overcome these uncomfortable-to-talk-about difficulties. Even if you are not having any trouble helping your partner (and yourself, of course) reach a satisfying orgasm, you still might want to buy sex toys for men. A little spicing up won’t do your sex life any harm, will it?

Perhaps you will decide to purchase an erection ring to help you prolong your ejaculation and experience a mind-blowing orgasm. Maybe you will choose to fully dominate your sweetheart by overwhelming all of her senses with double penetration, leaving her exhausted and smiling. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter how you have satisfied your needs. As long as both you and your lover are pleased, everything is allowed. Nobody will judge you if you make a decision to buy sex toys for men.

Sex is so much more than just a physical activity, and the pleasure derived from sex is so much more than just a strong sensation. They mean the world to many men and women, giving them a chance to build a long-lasting bond with their partner, so finding ways to improve sex is nothing to be ashamed of.

If you want to write a great poetry about love, you’ve come to the right place. Love poetry has always been around us, however in recent years we haven’t been noticing it that much. We think of poets as someone who is educated at a high level, but poets are ordinary people just like me and you.

poetry about love

Step One

Start out by staring at a blank piece of paper for some time. This is really helpful, and it tells us a lot. A blank piece of paper is a mirror of our own mind. A good way to write a romantic love poem is to use acrostic poetry. Write down a word that means something to you and your loved one, or write their name. Write it down the page and start each sentence with the letters of that word or the letters of the name. You need to compliment the person you’re writing the poem for and not criticize them. Just be yourself when writing and keep the poem short, so your reader doesn’t fall asleep halfway through.

Step Two

If you don’t feel like acrostic poetry is the type for you, if the name of the person doesn’t make for a great poem or you can’t think of a word of meaning, there are a lot of other forms of poetry you can write in. Haikus are short, but delightful poems. If they are too short for you have the sonnet, it’s a really wonderful form of poetry. You can look at the sonnet as a puzzle, read all the rules. Some snobby circles of elite poets might look down on rhyming, but you can rhyme if that’s what you want to do. A great way to cheat while writing sonnets is to take the rhyming end words of a Shakespeare poem. You can find them all on the internet. You can change the words as you go through, this will just give you a starting point. You can also look up rhyming dictionaries, which will help you out, a lot. Just be careful, taking a little bit from here and there is great, stealing a lot from a poem, especially now when we have the internet to check if something is original, you’ll come out as a liar and a fraud.

Step Three

You should introduce yourself to someone you like when writing. Just put yourself out there, even if you get shut down, you, at least, made something. If you’ve been together with a person for some time, quotes for him are great because they keep things fresh. Instead of doing something else, you show that you care about that person and spent some time trying to make something. That will make your loved one feel appreciated and special. Writing poetry isn’t about being praised for an eternity as a genius, it’s all about making people think about art for a moment and showing someone you care.

What makes a modern love ballad is a song which is a combination of slow, long, sad and heartfelt. However, an old-fashioned ballad or a ballad in poetry is an intricate poem, in it the writer tells the reader a story which usually is a love quest or a love story. A little like a short story, writing a ballad is more concise and elegant. Writing a ballad is a great way to widen your horizons as a growing poet. Here are a few tips for you to start with the writing ballads:

love ballad

All about love

Most of the time ballads are written about love, but you can write about any experience in your life that has affected you deeply. Regal ways for you to share your experiences, with ballads you can share positive experiences and even the most negative ones. It’s a way to share any heartfelt experience. When picking out the story pick out one that has a distinct introduction, a plot containing a problem and a resolution to that problem, and make sure you can fit these in one poem.

The first impression.

The way you introduce the reader to the story is with the first line, that’s why it’s so important, so make sure your love poems for her or him are the best ones. For you to hook the reader in with the first line of your ballad, the great idea is to make it personal. Open the poem up with a question or use “you”. This way the reader will feel like they are invited in your life, they’ll be a lot more invested in the story and they’ll feel the emotions described in the ballad.


For a ballad, you can pick your own scheme of rhymes. Usually there are four stanzas of three lines that have an AAB rhyme scheme, which means the first two lines rhyme and the third one doesn’t.


Ballads are unique when written in the form of a poem because they have a chorus. Usually, the third line which doesn’t rhyme is the chorus. The third line has to be relevant throughout the whole story because it’s repeated at the end of each stanza. The rhyme scheme of your poem at the end will have to look something like AAB CCB DDB EEB, the third line being repeated at the end of each stanza.