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Stepping Into Marriage: 7 Wedding Decoration Ideas to Wow Your Guests

Everyone wants their special day to be enjoyable for themselves but also for everyone involved. Your wedding day is not an easy task to organize, but online shopping exists for the sole reason of your convenience and you should take advantage of it. Other than the bride’s wedding dress, some of the other most important details involve your choice of lighting and music, wedding reception decorations, wedding ceremony accessories, the wedding cake, and much more fortunately for the one who organizes it.

But there is no time to worry, instead, breathe deeply and enjoy the process. And with the desire to make it easier on you, I’ve compiled a list of 5 wedding decoration ideas to wow your beloved guests.

1. Artificial Cherry Blossom Flowers

What’s a wedding without flowers? Yes, you already know that flowers are the top decoration of all weddings. But if you want to save yourself a headache from dealing with a pile of fresh flowers all over the place, a potential allergy reaction from some guests, and a delicate and time-consuming arrangement – get yourself artificial flowers. Yes, they will look just as great, and you can reserve the fresh flowers for the bride’s bouquet. The secret is to pick artificial blossoms that are made of good material, such as silk for example. Also, they don’t have to be white. Go ahead and mix flower combinations in different colours to create a fun and heart-warming wedding room decoration.

Cherry Blossom Flowers as wedding decoration
Source: pinterest.com.au

2. Decorative White Fishing Net

If you’re planning a wedding in the great outdoors and by that, I also mean your backyard, one way you can create borders around the main area is with a white natural fishing net. This is a great addition to the atmosphere if you’re trying to create a theme “wedding by the sea”. Throw in some other decorations in the character of this theme, such as shells on the bra of the bride’s dress, sea stars hanging out on the net, or a water fountain as a centre-piece of your dancefloor. And there you have an outstandingly fresh and uplifting wedding party that everyone will enjoy.

fishing net wedding decoration
Source: theknot.com

3. Drapes Made of Romantic Lights

If your wedding party is more intimate and spent in an enclosed space, don’t think twice about creating drapes out of twinkle lights in shades of any (preferably warm) colour according to your preference. Cancel the big chandeliers and create a romantic evening of twinkling fairy lights that will leave everyone mesmerised. Remember, you don’t even have to spend much, all you need is a bit of imagination and some online browsing for different kinds of lights. You may also add romantic candles glowing in shiny red vases made of glass and a silk cloth on each table. And if you’re outside, wrap any natural vegetation in Christmas lights and use fairy lights to mark the pathway for the newlywed and you’ve accomplished the goal of creating a magical night for everyone to remember.

romantic wedding light
Source: greenweddingshoes.com

4. Wood Floral Backdrop

Some couples like to hire a professional decorator while others like taking things into their hands and getting creative with their wedding room decoration. If you consider yourself crafty but need additional ideas about where to place your floral arrangements, a wood floral backdrop is a perfect idea for any, but especially a country or western-themed party. Spice things up a bit and take your guests where there’s a wooden dancefloor and call it a throwback vintage party in cowboy boots and hats. Whether you’re someone who’s into dancing or not, this is the one night you deserve to relax and have all of the fun.

Wood Floral Wedding Backdrop
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5. Red is in The Details

Hot red is the colour of passion, of vigour, and the colour of love. This is also a very powerful colour that tends to pop out so you should be careful how you incorporate it with the rest. Red stands out best if you see it only in certain details such as the guests’ napkins, the vases on the table, or rose petals on the newlywed’s pathway to the arbour. You get my point. Red is a wonderful representation of the celebration of life. Combine red roses set on tall golden stands with a golden-white sparkling chandelier above it and there you have a wedding venue that’s classy, romantic, and memorable.

Red Wedding Details
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6. Disco Ball Colour Projector

I believe that the title of this wedding decoration speaks for itself but still, let’s talk about it. Because who doesn’t like a spinning disco ball full of shine? And now you can boost this effect with a projector that can go above and beyond just a disco ball, depending on your preference. There are now colour projectors that can create any kind of shape, colour, and realistic imagery that can truly wow your guests. Even more importantly, a colour projector makes the dancefloor that much more attractive for everyone at the party.

disco ball wedding decor
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7. Music Jukebox

Okay, I admit, this one is risky (still not as risky as a karaoke machine). Not everyone has a great taste in music, or at least not one that’s appealing to you. But towards the end of the night, have an hour or so where each guest will have a chance to “spin the record” and salute the newlyweds with a song of their choice. This is where a dance-off should happen or at least one moment of joy and laughter with a song that brings back good memories.

The Good Ol’ To-Do List

You might be feeling overwhelmed by how much planning you have ahead of you, but don’t forget to relax and go easy on yourself because at the end of the day this is your day, quite literally. So make a neat list of things to do and plan out the guest list, details around the ceremony, photoshoot, music or the decorating process, and your wedding props.