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Tips To Prepare Your Holden Colorado for off Road Adventures

Most of us get a mean 4WD like the Holden Colorado to venture off-road. It’s nothing new, and it certainly ain’t a secret. Since there are a lot of Aussies with a similar goal, we have a large market of aftermarket parts for driving off the beaten track. These aftermarket parts are all different – some are just minor interventions, while others are proper upgrades that affect performance, the outline, or add a new aspect to your Holden Colorado. Now, the Colorado is a superb ute, designed and built for tough terrain. But you can tweak it even further to make it outback-proof.

holden colorado bull bars

Bull Bar

The front of your Colorado is one of the first and natural spots to upgrade your ride. Especially since the prospect of feral animals crossing your path at full speed instills fear and dread in every off-road adventurist. And these things do happen. So, the dilemma is not whether to protect the bonnet, but which means should you use to do it.

Going for a heavy-duty Holden Colorado bull bar is one of the best options. You can easily find one made from steel that will handle the expected beating from the elements and still retain its protective features. They make them to a high standard these days because of high demand, so you are able to get an original equipment manufacturer quality product. If you are not sure what to look for, compliance with traffic regulations and compatibility with other gear are two telltales of professional craftsmanship. Also, make sure the model is tested and certified (ADR approved) for airbag compatibility.

Further, consider whether it can serve as a mounting point for the rest of your gear. If it enables you to mount a winch, then you got a good model on your hands. The design of an aftermarket Holden Colorado bull bar should be superb. It should feature two recovery points and black powder coating for rust prevention.

You can go a step further and fit the outline with protective bumpers all around. I’m talking about bonnet protectors, fender flares, side steps and rear bars. It’s a great way to enhance chassis protection, but also add functionalities. Despite using these parts as mounting points, or for improving the visual appeal, they are very useful too. For example, side steps will make reaching for roof cargo an easier job.

roof racks to suit holden colorado

Roof Rack Rails

Speaking of roof cargo, being able to place a load on your roof is another great upgrade. Storage space is at a premium, even in a dual cab ute. The most typical way to do it is to go for simple rails. This will enable you to put luggage bags up there. If your cargo is diverse and can not be placed in the same bag, the next option is a roof cage. That way you can put your jerry cans along with recovery tracks and snatch straps, and still have some room for a bag or two.

The only limit in this regard is load capacity of the roof. If you go for a stainless steel frame (and mesh) you will get a long-lasting solution. However, the weight of the frame will decrease the capacity of the roof cage. Alternatively, you can go for aluminium or alloy frames that strike a balance by being lightweight and strong.

Choosing a roof rack specifically made for your Holden Colorado will make installation easy because you will avoid drilling. If you prefer to go for a universal roof rack, however, putting it together might take a while or require input from an experienced fitter.

Roof rails are great for loading bulky sports gear like bicycles, surfboards and skis. Professional gear can also be placed up there. As long as you comply with road regulations and secure the load you are good to go.

bull bars to suit holden colorado

Ute Toolbox

This is a somewhat typical Aussie upgrade of the ute tray. Those of us who are tradies or treat the Holden Colorado as a workhorse prefer storing our gear outside the passenger cabin. Now, there are other ways to make use of the tray. Some go for a tonneau, softcover or heavy-duty acrylic cover. But adding an outdoor toolbox fits the general outline of the vehicle and helps keep your equipment waterproof and dust-free.

The design of ute toolboxes has significantly advanced. You can easily find heavy-duty options able to withstand the beating from the elements. In order to choose a toolbox that is well designed you got to pay attention to the details. For example, hinges, gas struts, locks and openings reveal if the unit is made to last.

In regards to its potential configurations and uses – they are practically endless. The level of customization experienced toolbox makers allow is remarkable, particularly when it comes to the choice of drawers, shelves and other types of compartmentalisation. You can go for a box that covers a ute tray partially, or you can go for something more substantial. Some creative off-road enthusiasts have placed an entire rollout kitchen in ute toolbox. Other people have placed mobile labs, testing equipment and selling booths in the back of their ute.