Furniture Retailing in Australia: Industry Report for 2015

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Furniture Retailing in Australia: Industry Report for 2015

The Australian index for furniture retail sales is of the utmost importance for every online/offline furniture shop (individual retailer) to benchmark their performance on the market, which also enables them to react more quickly to all upturns and downturns in their business. In other words, this index is the most reliable source for obtaining in-depth sale statistics for every furniture shop operating on the Australian market, thus helping furniture retailers to keep track of sales fluctuations in terms of:

  • Keeping track of movements in sales against the furniture industry average;
  • Benchmarking sales against other individual retailers in the same business sector;
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses in the trading cycle;
  • Taking instant actions in case the business is experiencing certain difficulties.
  • This year, the Australian index for furniture retail sales is showing a slight decrease of 2.17% compared to the previous results last year. However, other numbers come to importance in the last few months, since it has been reported a positive sales growth in furniture retail sales, mostly on the Australian online market. More precisely, the increase in sales has been identified in May, this year, which is surely a good news for both online/offline furniture retailers and a positive reason to keep up with the good work. Sales experts claim that negative results in the furniture retailing sector are almost unexpected in near future, particularly if we consider the outstanding 12.10% growth in furniture sales confirmed in the last couple of weeks.

    Outdoor spaces are a great way to bring the feeling of your living room to your backyard. There is something about the coziness of a well-decorated room that makes you want to enjoy the moment, and when you combine that feeling with fresh air and the beauty of a nature, it gets even better.


    Whether you have chosen to buy outdoor furniture that is fine and expensive, or opted for a more affordable yet reliable outdoor set, you probably want it to last for a long time. However, without proper care, no outdoor furniture can resist weather elements, and can easily start showing its age very soon.

    We offer you few tips to help you make your outdoor set last longer regardless of its type.

    • Water and a mild dish-washing detergent is a good and gentle cleaning mixture to start with. It will not scratch or bleach your furniture;
    • When using a special cleaning product, make sure to test it in an inconspicuous place first;
    • Do not use a power washer to wash your furniture. You have probably seen what it can do your deck, imagine what it can do to your furniture;
    • Take care of your furniture now so you can enjoy it for years. Taking proper care at the end of each season will ensure its long lifespan. The best way to preserve it in winter if you are not using it, is bring it indoors;
    • Use a breathable fabric furniture cover to keep it protected. Have in mind that vinyl covers, although waterproof, do not breathe. This can trap moisture which can lead to mold;
    • Dress up worn furniture with new colourful cushions or with a new umbrella. It will give it a whole new look;
    • Wicker furniture has open weave which makes it a perfect target for dirt buildup. Hence, use a soft bristle brush or a vacuum to wipe it;
    • While wrought iron/steel furniture comes with powder coat to prevent rust, it can still show up. In such case, use a fine sandpaper to remove the rust and then touch it up with an exterior-grade paint.

    When looking to buy outdoor furniture, choose a material that will be easier to clean and maintain. Aforementioned, without good care, your outdoor set will become faded and slowly start to fall apart. It does not have to be that way though. Follow our steps and keep your outdoor set in a perfect condition and looking brand new for many years to come.

    A living room without an occasional table is pretty much like a supermodel on a magazine cover without makeup. The living room makes no sense without its main item – the coffee table. Drinking coffee is one of the main reasons you spend so much time in it, isn’t it? Okay, one of the reasons.

    Coffee Table

    However, occasional tables are not just for living rooms. For instance, since I so much love having my morning coffee on the balcony while enjoying the chilly sunny weather, or in the silence of my bedroom while my man is still asleep, I have one in my bedroom and on my balcony. What can I say, I love coffee.

    And since the occasional table is a much needed furniture element, picking the right one is more than important. The coffee table should blend with the rest of your room design both in terms of style and colour, and should be placed in the right spot so you feel comfortable while serving yourself a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of wine.

    So, how to pick the right one?


    Which room you need the occasional table for? Your bedroom? The balcony? Or for the large living room where your kids will run and play? If you need it for the space where kids spend a lot of time, go with a round one as it does not have sharp edges. And if you do not have children, pick anything you like that complements the room design.


    I probably should have mentioned the material first, but having an occasional table of the best possible material in the wrong colour is just unacceptable. So, colour first. Whatever you decide to get, make sure it matches your furniture, your walls and the colour theme of the room décor. Imagine your interior is all beige and you place a black coffee table in the middle. Doesn’t make sense, does it?!


    When it comes to choosing the ideal material for your new occasional table, you have several choices. You can find anything, from wood to plastic and metal, it all depends on the effect you want to achieve. You can achieve a sophisticated look by combining either brass or steel with glass. Whether oak, walnut or maple, wood in general will give your space more warmth and coziness.


    By now, you have probably decided what style you prefer; contemporary, trendy, antique, vintage, formal or informal? If you want something to complement your country design for example, choose a rustic oak table. Similarly, opt for a round table if you want to give a touch of romance to your room.

    There are more elements to pay attention to when you are picking a new coffee table, of course, but these few are the basic ones, and being careful about basics is a job half done.

    King size bed frame is not only the biggest, but is also the most popular bed frame available today. It is available in three styles: standard, California and split.

    • Standard king size bed frame, also called eastern bed frame measures 193cm W x 203cm L. It is longer and wider than the queen frame by about 40cm, hence why it is most commonly used bed frame.
    • California king size bed frames, also known as western king are 182cm wide and 213cm long. They are designed for those who are above normal height. There are special mattresses that can fit this type of bed frame.
    • Split king size bed frames are versatile as they can be ‘split’ to make separate beds. They are ideal for a guest room or for master bedroom where couples want separate beds. For these bed frames, there are specially designed extra long twin mattresses.


    What To Consider When Buying King Size Bed Frame?

    Nowadays, modern bedroom furniture is made from high quality material and designs can vary from very simple to very elegant. They also vary in price to suit all budgets from the ordinary working people to the rich ones who want to have uniquely designed bedroom.

    Before buying a king size bed frame (any type), you must measure your bedroom to make sure there is enough space to fit the bed frame. Almost all modern bedroom furniture is specially designed to save space. For example, small bookshelf on the headboard of the bed, trundle style beds, platform beds with handy shelves and so on. This allows homeowners to use every centimeter of the available space without cluttering the room. And they can even save space which can be used to accommodate something else, for example, a writing desk or a comfortable chair for reading.

    Also consider the aesthetics. The contemporary canopy bed frames are a classic. Today, they are modified to suit modern consumers and are available in different types of wood and metals and different finishes that add to the modern interior décor. Leather is another popular choice among homeowners, since it keeps cool in summer and warm in winter; it is soft to touch, looks sophisticated and is extremely easy to maintain. The leather material can transform any platform bed into an elegant and trendy one. Leather king size bed frame can be a platform or a canopy bed.

    Frames are available in many shades (white, cream, black, dark brown, red, etc.) and are extremely durable and what’s most important, they look better with age.


    No matter the layout of your house, the living room is the room majority of people spend most time in. and no matter the season, it is always a good time to make some refreshing changes in your living room, and always be ready for hosting fun friend gatherings.

    No worries, you do not need a lot of money to give your living room a makeover. Just follow these simple steps and revitalize your living room.

    1. Change the focus

    TV holds the main spot in any living room. It is the focal point. If you have another purpose-build area, like a fireplace for example, you can take advantage of it and make it the focus of the room. If not, try changing something about the TV space, like buying a cheap TV stand. Make sure the new TV stand is big enough to fit all additional electronics, like a PlayStation, if you have one. Go one step forward, and give your cheap TV stand a personal design touch to really fit the entire room. Moreover, change the place where your TV is located to get more space, more light or just to re-arrange.


    2. Refresh the center point

    The center of the living room is usually the coffee table. Why not go for something more colourful. Like with the cheap TV stand, you can also buy a new, cheap coffee table. If you like your old one, give it a refreshing look by putting a colourful vase with some fresh flowers on it. Go for the same colour or a slightly different shade from the rest of the furniture. This will really give the room a facelift.

    3. Get a new TV

    If you are considering to buy a new TV, to ensure it fits your expensive or cheap TV stand perfectly, buy a made-to-measure TV unit. Don’t settle for a generic TV that is made to blend with every room decor, but go for a more modern and stylish option. You can buy a TV set that has a surround system and a projector for great cinema nights with your friends.


    4. Furniture

    When re-decorating, always have in mind the aesthetics and symmetry. If your living room space is large, you should get larger pieces of furniture. However, keep it simple, otherwise you are going to create a crowded look, and lose the elegance and sophistication. If your space is small, whatever you do, don’t push it with the colours. Colour plays a huge role in aesthetics. Keep it simple and classy.

    Another important thing to remember about furniture, is to arrange it so it always faces your windows or doors, and the TV stand to always be against the windows or doors. This way you will always have a lightened living room, and at the same time, no obstacles when watching TV.

    5. Rugs

    Finally, pay attention to your floors. Rugs are great for providing warmth in winter, but also a cozy floor for bare feet in spring. You can change your rugs seasonally, and the thing to always have in mind is that your rug has to fit the furniture in terms of colour, and the room space in terms of shape. Go for the modern rug size (does not cover entire floor) and make sure it brings the furniture together.

    When you hear ‘cheap dining tables’, the first thing that comes to mind are broken, damaged dining tables. Well, you got it wrong! It doesn’t have to mean that if a dining table comes with down-to-earth price tag, that design and quality are compromised. Retailers offer many sale deals and discounts at the end of each season and during holidays. Products are still of the same quality, retailers simply want to make room for new items and collections.

    Prices in most cases have nothing to do with quality. With so many retailers today, it’s hard not to find affordable yet well-crafted dining tables. Especially if you shop online. Internet is the one-stop shop for everything. It is the one place where you can always find bargain deals and buy cheap dining table, high quality included. Of course you can find many other stores that offer great deals around the holidays, but the range of products online is much greater than the one in the brick-and-mortar stores. Here’s how you too can buy cheap dining table that is both affordable and aesthetically pleasing.


    Buy Online

    Internet has become a hot spot for both buyers and sellers. Unlike local stores, you have more freedom to visit several furniture stores online from the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to bother yourself driving from one place to another. You will save time and money on fuel. Plus, you can compare prices and offers and choose the deals that fit your budget and preferences. If you have found a particular dining table in a magazine, but can’t find it in your local store, be sure that you will find it online, and for much less. Internet is your ultimate ‘buy cheap dining table’ option.

    Get Coupons

    Do not disregard the coupons you see in magazines or on online sites. Remember, coupons can easily slash 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% or even 50 % off the final price. This will certainly make a difference on your wallet and will make you achieve your goal which is to buy cheap dining table.

    Buy From Big Retail Stores

    Specialized stores for indoor and outdoor furniture set higher prices than big retail stores. That’s mostly because they focus on one thing – higher profits. Plus, big retail stores supply all kinds of products in large quantities. When you buy more pieces, the final price is lower than when you buy only one item. Therefore, avoid specialized stores and shop from retailers that sell other products beside indoor furniture.

    A bed frame is a piece of furniture that supports the box spring and the mattress ensuring long service life. It may come with a headboard and/or a footboard and is available in various sizes. Queen size bed frames are the most popular choice in Australia. These frames provide sufficient room for two people to sleep comfortably without taking too much of a bedroom space.


    Although a top-selling size, when shopping for queen size bed frames, it is important to consider all options.

    Measure the bedroom – If you already have the mattress, place it on the floor (or use newspapers to create the mattress, if you do not have one) to get a notion of the space the bed frame will occupy. If the room feels cramped, you will need a space-saving bed frame such as a wooden platform bed frame or a model that comes with drawers for extra storage.

    Consider the height of the queen bed frame – Because you should feel comfortable when climbing in and out of bed, it is important to consider the height of the frame. A bed frame that is too high will make it difficult to climb into bed comfortably.

    Keep in mind the style of your bedroom – Remember, a bed frame is an important design element of your bedroom. Usually it is the first thing you notice. With that said, colour of the finish, details and the overall appearance will make a huge difference in the overall feeling of the room.

    Choose the right frame material

    • Metal – These bed frames are durable, yet lighter than wooden ones. They are available in contemporary, industrial or traditional designs or can be combined with wooden elements for a more modern look.
    • Wood – Wood bed frames offer warmth and style and are available in a wide range of decor choices. From maple, walnut, and cherry that offer a smooth appearance, to oak, pine and ash that offer a unique look. There are also wood venner bed frames which durable yet budget-friendly option when compared to solid wood.
    • Leather – If natural, faux, or bi-cast, leather bed frames offer a modern, beautiful look that can add warmth and texture to any bedroom. And while leather frames come in a variety of colors, most popular option is faux leather since it is durable and affordable.

    Consideration the type of queen size bed frames – When choosing a bed frame, take into account the designs and functionality.

    • Open bed frame – Consists of a basic frame with legs which supports the box spring and mattress. Some models come with a headboards and others may also include a matching footboard.
    • Platform bed frame – This frame type is designed to support the mattresses without a box spring. Usually this type comes with storage drawers.

    Because queen size bed frames are available in different styles,designs, material and types, the prices can range from cheap to expensive. As always, the fancier it is, the more it will cost. Know your budget before you start your queen size bed frame shopping.