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Step Up Your Driving Game: Ways To Accessorize Your Car And Make It Unique

For many of us, cars aren’t just personal possessions. They’re a part of our identity and something we rely on and use every day. Because of this, it’s no wonder that we should take good care of our cars, making sure that everything is in order, clean, that the car is parked in a safe space, and so on. Still, as is the case with many things we identify with, there is always a desire to make our car stand out from the crowd and display our uniqueness. After all, we all buy factory-made vehicles which are all the same, so the urge is completely justified.

For some people, customisation begins and ends on the inside, an interesting trinket on the rearview mirror, stickers on the windows, or a different pattern for the seats. Others, however, want to customise their vehicles much more. This article is intended for those wanting more. If you’re one of those people who’d love to pimp their ride a bit more and really make it stand out, here are a few ideas you can consider that will make your vehicle one of a kind.

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Door Handles

A bit unorthodox and not the first thing that would come to mind, but getting special, customised car handles can really make a ride pop. Both inside and outside, stock handles can be customized or replaced with aftermarket models. You can order vehicle door handles online based on the model of your vehicle, or you can visit a shop and make your choice there. Either way, getting your hands on a set of aftermarket car door handles is pretty easy.

Many factory vehicle door handles may not be satisfactory in both looks and quality for some car owners, and when you’re someone who really cares about the looks and state of your car it makes sense that you’d like to change them. There is a variety of handles out there you can get and customise by yourself, or you can place an order for custom-made ones that will fit the style of your vehicle.

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The most important thing when shopping for door handles for cars is to note the make, model, and year of your car. This is the only step you really need to pay attention to, as it’s the only way to make sure the handles you’re considering will actually fit your vehicle. Still, since you’re already a car enthusiast, I’m sure that you know these things by heart and you’ll have no trouble getting your way around the handle market. But in the off chance that you’re not, this is just a little reminder that you’ll need this information before you’re off shopping.

There are some pretty basic models around and then there are models that will turn some heads. This means that there is a little something out there for everyone, even those who just need a simple handle replacement. You can buy car door handles in pairs, singles, or a whole set.

Grilles & Wheels

A more obvious choice, grilles and wheels are already on many car owners’ lists when it comes to modifications. Easy to replace or paint, it’s quite simple to understand why they’re such a popular item to customize.

When it comes to grilles, you’ll need to keep your make and model in mind to be able to get the right fit, but the responsibilities end there. Everything else is up to your imagination and personal preference. From simple chrome grilles and mesh grilles to highly customised ones, the market offers basically everything. You can even play around a bit and try out different styles before you settle for one. Customisation is all about fun, after all.

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When talking about wheels, however, things are even freer than with grilles. Since there are different parts of the wheel you can play around with, the options are vaster and your vision can really come to life. From high-performance tyres to make sure your driving is on point every time to customised rims to tie everything together (or make them stand out), the possibilities are endless.

Paint Job

Finally, we have the most obvious choice – the paint job. Probably the best and easiest way to make a car really stand out, a good, well-done paint job can really transform a vehicle from ordinary to extraordinary within a few hours. You can get custom-made colours to cover up the factory one or just go with a shade you’ve seen somewhere else and really like. In addition, you have the choice between metallic and matte, which will definitely make you stand out.

No matter which way you choose to go, always make sure the shop doing the paint job is certified and has workers who are able to pull it off, especially if you’re going for gradients or specific depictions of things. You might also want to look into protective foils to make sure your paint is and stays protected and safe, from both the elements and other damage. Such foils can be found in well-stocked auto shops and may be pricey, but they will be well worth the money in the long run.

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Keep in mind that the flashier your car is, the more likely it is to draw attention, so if you’re someone who’d like to upgrade their ride, but do so subtly, avoid bright colours or shiny additions to the car handles, rims, and grilles. Otherwise, go all out. As I said, car customisation is all about what you want, so follow that vision until the vehicle you have is the one you’ve always dreamed of driving.