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Stacking Side Tables: Function and Style in One

When you’re furnishing your home, you’ll be amazed at how many types of tables there are. Dining tables, side tables, coffee tables, end tables, and many more. There isn’t any big difference between all of these except that they’re meant to be used for different purposes. There are, of course, different sizes and shapes but their primary purpose and the materials from which they’re made stay the same.

If you’re following lifestyle influencers and home decor blogs, you’ve probably noticed that stacking side tables are a huge trend lately. But with so many must-have tables you need to include in your interior design scheme, is it really worth splurging on this kind of decorative element?

stacking tables near armchair

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Why Are Stacking Side Tables Such a Great Interior Decor Element?

Stacking tables or nesting tables are smaller than dining and coffee tables, but they can provide the same amount of surface if you need them to. They consist of two or more tables that are stacked under each other and usually look the same but differ in size. They can be used in a variety of different settings and their most important trait is functionality.

When stacked under each other, they don’t take up much space and look like you have only one table. But should you need more tabletop surface, you can simply pull out the rest and create more room to place whatever you need. There are all kinds of stacking side tables on the market, suitable for every interior design scheme. They are also easy to style – you can put them literally everywhere and they’ll fit like a glove.

Use Them in the Living Room

As the name implies, use them as a side table in your living room. Side tables are supposed to give you extra storage because their surface is bigger than end tables. So, you can put a nest of side tables in the corner of your living room and place on them whatever you want.

  • There’s more space when all the tables are pulled out, so you’ll be able to put more things on them;
  • For extra lighting, place a lovely lamp that’ll make the room brighter and complement the nesting table;
  • If you’re a book lover, stack your favourite books on them. Books are great for decoration because they give personality to a room and present an exciting conversation piece;
  • If you’re a plant lover, place several of your most adored plants and flowers to bring life to the area;
  • Use the nesting tables to display some of your fondest memories. Framed family pictures and travel souvenirs are always welcome;

If you need storage space, take some small decorative baskets or boxes and arrange them on the stacking side tables. Inside, you could put everything that you don’t have anywhere else to store. In this way, you’ve created more space but in a neat way that won’t look cluttered.

stacking side tables for living room near sofa bed with book on it

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As an End Table

Besides as a side table, why not use them as an end table? End tables are placed at the end of a sofa or a chair. They are used to place things for easy reach when you’re sitting down. So place compact nesting tables at the end of your couch and have everything you need within reach. Since end tables are usually pretty small, not much can be placed on them. But a nesting side table will be small enough to function as an end table, yet it’ll offer you more space by being able to pull all the tables out. This enables you to have more things by your side without creating a mess.

In Lieu of a Coffee Table

Choosing the ideal coffee table is hard but why not consider using a stacking side table instead? If you have more space, pick a bulkier design and arrange all the stacking tables next to each other or create a circle, depending on what their shape allows. This way, instead of using one big coffee table, you have created dimension in the room by using stacking tables in various sizes. On the other hand, if you need a smaller coffee table, buy nesting tables that you can pull out whenever there are more friends coming.

Perfect for the Bedroom

We all know the benefits of having a nightstand in the bedroom. Above all, it’s useful but it looks good as well. One downside might be that it’s usually small so even if it serves its purpose, it often becomes messy. We use it for so many things like our glasses and books, maybe we need additional light so there’s a lamp and other necessities that we need before we go to sleep.

For this reason, you could choose a nice nesting side table to place by your bed. It’ll be practical and provide you with more space and it’ll definitely help make your bedroom look like a magazine cover with its wonderful look. You can use it as a side table as well if you just want to make a stylish addition to your bedroom. Pick a stacking table that’ll stand out and decorate it according to your liking.

bedroom with side tables

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They Can Also Find Their Way in the Bathroom

If your bathroom is small and there isn’t much space, a stacking side table will be a valuable piece to have. You could place it under the sink or in a corner, wherever you have a little space, and use it for keeping your toiletries or towels. Since a nesting table comes in various designs, you can pick one that offers some kind of shelves to help keep your bathroom organised.

You’ll want a nesting table in the bathroom for another reason as well – to keep it close by the bathtub. So, anytime you’re enjoying your bath, you can have your laptop, phone, or glass of wine by your side. They’re going to be neatly placed and you wouldn’t have to worry that something’s going to fall. Just bear in mind that you need a waterproof table material for your bathroom so it lasts longer.

Or Even in the Kitchen or Dining Room

If you’re someone who happens to have a bigger family or guests for dinner quite often, you might have found out that the dining table isn’t large enough for everything. So, you’re constantly getting up to get something. With a stacking side table by your side, you’ll finally eat in peace. You could use it for anything that you’ll need throughout dinner, from glasses to more plates and beverages.

You could also turn it into a bar. Pick a sleek design that complements the rest of your kitchen and arrange your preferred drinks and glasses. It’s functional, modern, and you get to show off your taste.