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If you’ve never had a weight problem, yet would want to change the shape of your body to look more sculpted, doing certain exercises (that target specific muscles) will increase your muscle mass. However, this requires time and devotion. To furthermore speed things up, you can try incorporating specific eating habits into your diet such as consuming mass gainers, eating carb-rich foods and getting enough fluids.


While in the very beginning of humanity, people looked for food to eliminate their hunger and charge their energy levels, eating differs greatly nowadays as it is not strictly related to satisfying the appetite. Sometimes we eat because we are in eating company, when we attend parties so we have to eat not to offend the host, while we watch all Downton Abbey or Game of Thrones seasons in a weekend. And even when we are sad so we find food to be the best companion. Whichever the reason, little do we realise the intake of sugar exceeds accepted levels for normal body function. Although excessive amounts of sugar can lead to gaining a few (or more) kilos, they can also cause serious health problems such as imbalanced blood sugar and blood pressure to begin with.

Stevia is Better

A lot of us know that sugar is bad for our health and a lot of Australian’s have started making the switch from sugar to other alternatives. You can find a lot of sugar substitutes including stevia and xylitol Australia wide so it’s not an issue of unavailability. It all comes down to knowing the facts and your motivation to get rid of sugar once and for all. Below we’ll go over all the health benefits you will receive by replacing sugar in your diet with xylitol and how you can incorporate it into your cooking and everyday life. It might seem like a challenge, but once you know all the facts it really isn’t.

Xylitol over Sugar

Oh, the excitement that a good bottle of wine brings to the table! It has the capability to make every occasion more elegant and to instantly boost your mood. It is the ultimate drink for family gatherings and celebrations. And not only family ones for that matter, it is many people’s favourite drink to have anytime, anywhere; millions of people are passionate about its aroma and flavour.

However, not all wine is produced the same way. One of the most favourite choices world-wide is definitely red wine. And since the market is full of red wine of questionable quality, finding a quality bottle of red wine can be quite a challenge. But do not panic, we got you, follow our steps to find great red wine that will taste like heaven.

There are different types of online and offline auctions that are a great opportunity to buy amazing wine at better prices. Take a look at how you too can find a restaurant-value wine but at a fraction of the price.

Advantages Of Buying Wines From Online Auction Houses

Being the bargain hunter and a wine lover you are, buying wine through online auctions is just what doctor prescribed. Your average wine spend may easily be as low as $10 per bottle. Like it, don’t you. The two most important aspects of buying wine form an online wine auction are the price and the vast array of choices. Perhaps the only disadvantage is the inability to get a tactile sensation of the bottle before you buy it, but when you think about it, it does not even sound like a downside at all. If you are willing to do some research, you can find pretty good wine bargains.


Collector Wines at Auctions

When a big auction is over, wine prices change due to several reasons:

  • some people see such wines as a fine investment and are willing to pay more and the seller knows it
  • businessmen look to impress someone by getting such bottles of wine as a present, or
  • there has been detected a growing demand for a particular continent or country.

The wines that are to be featured on such auctions are usually presented to the public through catalogs several weeks prior to the date of sale. The funny thing about such auctions is that a wine can get at a ridiculously high price due to being sold as a gift several times in a row.

Recent Or Old, All Is Sold

Usually at a wine auction, you can find both recent (usually cheaper) and old (by default more expensive) wines. As the saying goes“the older the better”, it is clear that if quality and prestige are in question, people usually opt for vintage wine. However, many recently-produced wines are hard to go unnoticed and can be auctioned at rather high prices as well.


What To Avoid

Certain wine auctions feature selling lots that consist of twelve wine bottles. However, a huge and very common problem arises when all you really want is to buy just two or three of them, but you have to purchase the whole case or nothing at all. Beware, fraud is a common thing on auctions, so unless you are quite sure that each bottle comes from a prominent collector, avoid buying wine cases to avoid losing money in vain. Furthermore, a smart person should always pose the question whether the good or poor condition is the main reason why a certain wine is being offered.

As with everything else in life, a wine auction can also become a place and occasion when you find yourself barking at the wrong tree and instead of getting something to cherish, you pay dearly for someone’s bottled garbage. Yes, the wine might have been opened before and damaged or even past prime.


Wine and cheese make a perfect combination for creating memorable moments. Therefore, a wine-and-cheese party is a great option to welcome your new neighbors, to celebrate your birthday or to spend great partying moments with your friends. However, most people consider preparing this kind of party an overwhelming task. And they have the right.

Pairing wine with cheese is not easy; you need to make sure the wine complements the taste of the cheese and vice versa. Not that there are strict rules about food & wine pairing, but for example, stronger wines pair well with stronger flavour cheeses. Also, white wines pair best with soft, creamy cheeses, while reds are best with hard cheeses. If it sounds a bit complicated, trust us, it isn’t. And it certainly should not be the reason nor an excuse for you giving up on throwing a good wine & cheese party. Follow the steps below to learn the essentials of pairing wine and cheese.


What you need to know before you start discovering the possible wine-and-cheese pairing options, are their main features. When it comes to cheese, the determining factors that come into play are:

  • the level of moisture,
  • the type of milk from which the cheese is made,
  • the region of origin, and
  • the rind or mold.

When it comes to wine, you need to consider: acidity, body, sweetness and tannin content.

Blue Cheese

Common characteristics of most types of blue cheeses are the increased saltiness and rich taste. To balance the saltiness and the rich flavour, go for robust red or sweet desert wines. Example: Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay.


Although this Italian whey cheese is famous for being the main ingredient in fillings for stuffed pasta shells, lasagna and few Italian desserts, the creamy white and slightly sweet Ricotta perfectly enhances crisp and dry Pinot Gris.



When it comes to Chevre (also known as goat cheese), there is no strict rule for matching it with a wine, since matching depends on the age of the cheese. Younger cheeses pair well with lighter wines, such as Riesling, Chardonnay, Champagne and Semillon wine. If the cheese is aged, a Pinot Noir would be the best choice.


The flavour of this Dutch cheese can be best accentuated with wines that feature semi-level of sweetness and low content of acid. You can’t go wrong by pairing this type of cheese with a semi-sweet or a semi-dry Riesling wine.


This sharp cheese is best paired with Chianti, Prosecco or Nebbiolo. The sweet, heavy-fruit notes, as well as the high acidity and tannin content of these wines can best complement the sharp taste of Parmesan cheeses.

Planning a wine party? Follow these steps

Australia is home to some of the most amazing wine regions in the world, thanks to its array of diverse climates. The country counts more than 60 designated wine regions and it has built a world-wide reputation on its award-winning wines.

Every Australian wine region has an annual festival where local wine, food and culture are promoted. The largest festival in Australia is the week-long biennial Tasting Australia, where Australia’s finest wines and foods are presented. If you ever want to visit the best Australian wine regions, first you need to learn which ones they are. Let’s get started.


Barossa Wine Valley – Barossa Wine Valley is one of the oldest wine regions in Australia, but also one of the most famous ones in the world. Dating back to 1842, Barossa Wine Valley is among the Australia’s most historical wine producing regions. The world’s oldest Shiraz vineyards are grown here. Today, the sixth generation of grape growing families in the Barossa are dealing with the wine production. The region is home to the largest collection of old vines in Australia, including the Shiraz vineyard which was first planted in 1843. The overall wine production in this region is reduced, but given the fact that some of the most amazing wines in the world some from this reagion, there is no doubt that Barossa Wine Valley is here to stay. Besides Shiraz, Barossa Wine Valley has perfect conditions for producing Grenache, Riesling, Semillon and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Adelaide Hills – Adelaide Hills is also one of the Australia’s best and most popular wine regions. The wines produced in this wine region are characterized by the cool altitude from the changing seasons and the distinct passion of the winemakers there. It is located just 20 minutes from the city Adelaide. The first vines in the Adelaide Hills were planted in the 1870s, but the difficult conditions did not allow them to grow until the 1930s. In 1976, the establishment of Petalume has made the Adelaide Hills as popular as it is today. The most popular wine varieties from Adelaide Hills are Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Most of Adelaide Hills’ reputation is built on the Australian Sauvignon Blanc.

Yarra Valley – Known as one of Australia’s foremost cool climate regions, Yarra Valley is among the most popular wine regions in the country. This wine regions was the first wine growing region in Victoria, that’s why it is known as Victoria’s wine’s birthplace, and it exists for over 170 years. The cool climate allows this region to produce some classic styles of many different wine varieties. The wine makers in Yarra Valley are focused on the flavour and quality of the wines, which has spread to the local production in the same fertile soil. In the picturesque setting of Yarra Valley, enjoy a great ambient and make sure you try some of the finest wines of this region.


Did you know that according to a study where 12 different fruits were analyzed by researchers, results showed that 90% of the antioxidant activity was in the juice rather than the fiber? So, if you are ready to start a new healthy lifestyle, you should get a quality whole fruit juicer right now. This is your best go-to boosting energy solution.

Most people turn to coffee (or other drinks loaded with caffeine) as they find it to be the best solution to charge their batteries with energy for a whole day. But what they do not know is that a glass of freshly-made fruit juice is far more effective when it comes to boosting the energy levels. And let’s not talk how healthier the home-made fruit juice is compared to coffee, which is dehydrating and taxing to the body.

Whole fruit juicers are great option to ensure you are getting the recommended servings of fruits and veggies per day. But, the greatest thing about whole fruit juicers is that these small and highly versatile kitchen appliances allow users to make their own fruit and vegetable combinations, thus healthy cocktail receipts. To help boost your creativity, take a look at our 7-day juicing plan.


  • Day No.1: Green Juice – Green juices can be quite tasty, but what makes them popular among nutritionists is the fact that they promote high levels of energy, boost immunity and promote weight loss.
  • Day No.2: Tomato-Vegetable Juice – It is considered as one of the healthiest drinks to grab on the go, especially in occasions where your fresh-juice choices are limited. The tomato juice is extremely good for the heart, the blood pressure and for reducing the risk of cancer.
  • Day No.3: Strawberry-Cucumber Juice – There is no better antioxidant juice than the strawberry-cucumber juice. Apart from being extremely tasty, this juice helps prevent breast, cervix, colon and esophageal cancer.
  • Day No.4: Blueberry-Cabbage Power Juice– Another antioxidants-loaded juice that offers amazing health benefits for the gastrointestinal system. It also promotes weight loss.
  • Day No.5: Spinach-Apple Juice – Rich in calcium, the spinach-apple juice is extremely good for the bone health, as it aids in cartilage and bone growth.
  • Day No.6: Ginger-Beet Juice – The delicious flavour is not the only reason why people love the ginger-beet juice. It is also powerful in reducing the muscle damage and pain, and boosting the endurance (it is especially recommended for active sports persons).
  • Day No.7: Carrot-Orange Juice – Loaded with vitamins and minerals, the carrot-orange juice is excellent for maintaining the healthy vision and metabolism, helps in lowring bad cholesterol and promotes lung health.

Just like majority of people, you too may think that for a wine to be good, it must have a fancy label or come with a high price tag. However, just because the price is not mind-blowing, it does not necessary mean that the wine is not of excellent quality. Perfectly good wines (all characteristics included, from aroma to taste) can be found at super affordable prices, especially when shopping online.


And given the fact that more and more people enjoy the convenience of online shopping, why don’t you too take advantage of this opportunity and buy wine online. Ordering your favorite bottle of wine online does not only make your life easier (no more searching for parking space), but also saves you money because of frequent sale deals. If you find online shopping a little intimidating, here are the 5 steps that will help you buy wine online with ease.

  1. Compare prices of different wine sellers – Imagine the time you’d have to spend driving from one store to another to see which one offers better wine deals. You can do all that in a matter of few clicks via Internet. Internet is so powerful, you can compare the prices of all wine shops in less than 15 minutes.
  2. Avoid additional shipping charges  Buy wine from wine sellers that ship directly to your state to avoid extra shipping chargers. Or you can buy wine online from a local wine seller and simply pick-up the order.
  3. Take advantage of flash wine sales – Many online wine retailers purchase limited editions of good wines in large quantity. This allows them to offer these wines at very low prices. But these sales have a limited time frame and usually are good for just a day or until the supplies last. So, if you find a flash sale of good wine, buy it right away as it will be gone in no time.
  4. Shop directly from the wine manufacture and save more – Sometimes you can save a lot of money by buying directly from a winery. This is because there is no middleman. But you are not the only one in advantageous position. Your money contributes to winery’s revenue and profit performance what surely helps them secure their future.
  5. Try out sample sizes – When you buy wine online, there is no option of tasting it. What you can do is purchase a sample or half-size wine bottles (many retailers offer such option). This is a great way to taste wine without wasting money. There are some wine sellers that even offer a collection of samples which allow you to invest in an assortment of different flavours.


Another great advantage of buying wine online is the ability to read other people’s reviews (if you do not have an idea which wine to buy or which brand is worth the money). If you follow these tips, be sure that you will spend your money wisely on a good, quality wine. Simple as that.

When it comes to party, your biggest headache is not the theme or the food you are going to prepare, yet the drink you are going to serve. People have different tastes, and you need to find the right beverages to satisfy their needs. The wines are considered as ideal alcoholic beverages that go well with all meals and appetizers. Whether you choose international cuisine, or finger food, keep in mind one thing, the wine should always pair the food that is being served. If you want people to like your party, then do your homework on time, and prepare a menu which will satisfy everyone. Check some online wine sites that offer different kinds of red, white or bubbly wines.

Online Wine

If you want to make your party awesome, then choose a good wine. Most people prefer to spend more on a quality wine than on food, because that’s what actually people notice at a party. It’s good to have cool party themes, settings, atmosphere, but what is also important is to select the right wines. You can’t predict what people would like to drink, however you can always choose wines that don’t overwhelm your food. That’s your safest bet. See what’s popular on the online wine sites these days and pick quality wines for your party.

You don’t have to be an expert in order to choose a good wine. If you don’t know which wines to choose, we provide you a list of 3 amazing wines you should have in mind when organizing a party. Take a look:

3 Tales Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc – This is one of the most popular wines you can find on the Internet. Many online wine sites include this amazing wine in their collection. The Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is recommended to be consumed young, since it cellars only for two or three years. It goes well with salads, chicken or fish. Thanks to it’s amazing growing characteristics, this wine features light and crisp flavor with outstanding aromas of squeezed citrus and passion fruit.

Penfolds Bin 51 Eden Valley Riesling – Penfolds Riesling is a true delight. This amazing wine derives its finesse and elegance from the cool climate region where it is planted and harvested. No one can refuse the intense aromas and flavors of pear, citrus and apple. If you plan to buy wines from online wine sites, then make sure you put Penfolds Bin 51 Eden Valley Riesling on your shopping list. People will definitely like your choice.

Penfolds Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz 2012 – It is always a good idea to serve a Shiraz, since it is a preferred choice for many Australians. All online wine sites in Australia offer a wide range of Shiraz wines. The perfect weather conditions of the famous Barossa Valley is ideal for this amazing wine that features great color, balanced palate, fruit concentration, flavor depth and fresh tannins.