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The gluten-free diet has attracted increasing attention in recent years. With more people becoming conscious of their health, as well as the food they eat, it is no surprise that trying to scale back on gluten is becoming as popular as trying to reduce weight or live a healthy lifestyle. You should be careful, though. With such widespread appeal comes a plethora of contradictory information concerning gluten-free flour. Each flour has unique properties, and it’s crucial to understand how it all works in order to try and make the greatest baked products possible.

Gin is a fabulous alcoholic drink that gained popularity because of its unique taste. The juniper that gives gin its name has a varied flavour profile: it’s dry, herbaceous, and has a subtle freshness to it. With the addition of other botanicals such as lemon peel, coriander, and pepper, you have a lovely drink that dances on your tongue. Its versatility in terms of mixing makes gin the perfect present for your loved ones. Depending on the occasion, if a bottle of commercial gin is a cliché for you, and you are searching for something more gin-thoughtful, then you should consider the following ideas.

Gift Ideas for Gin Enthusiasts

A Bottle of Craft Gin

gin and green lemon

What makes craft gin special is the process of its making. It is distilled in small batches and has a brand ethos that is driven by a desire to create a beautiful gin for craft gin enthusiasts to enjoy. Craft gin distillers normally acquire their ingredients locally, and their goods are made with a lot of attention.

Before you buy craft gin and surprise your loved ones with this treat, do a little research because of gin’s growing popularity many distilleries and gin clubs label their products as “craft gin,” when they’re just utilizing the term to attract more customers and cash in on the growing gin boom. Since there is always something to celebrate, buy craft gin to create memories that will last forever. Cheers!

The Perfect Taste Deserves Perfect Serving

Gin glasses aren’t only for looks; they are also a great way to enhance the smell, taste, and textures of this fabulous drink. Each type of glass creates a unique drinking experience because they have a different role for various types of drinks and cocktails.

A set of “Copa de Balon” glasses will be perfect for someone who enjoys the taste of a refreshing gin tonic. The wide brim of the glass elevates the fragrance of your G&T up to your nose, allowing you to fully appreciate the drink’s aroma as you sip! Given gin’s excellent natural botanicals, this is especially crucial in allowing G&T drinkers to enjoy the entire range of flavours in their cocktail. Because of the bulbous bow of a Copa glass, there is plenty of room for a lot of ice, so the drink will stay cooler for longer and suffer less dilution.

Another term for cocktail glass is the Martini glass. It’s perfect for serving short cocktails or the traditional Martini without ice. Because the long stem of a martini glass prevents the drinker’s hand from warming the chilled liquid, these famous glasses are designed to maintain your sip at the perfect temperature.

“Australian Gin”- The Book

gin books and glass of gin

Anytime you think about choosing a present for your gin enthusiast, just imagine them laying on your couch with a glass of gin in one hand and a book in the other, just perfect, right?! Even more so if that book is about gin. The “Australian Gin” book is all about showing the world the uniqueness of Aussie gin’s flavour. You will read through information about 80 distilleries that kicked off the current gin frenzy, including the people who run them, the gins they make, and their cellar doors, among other things. A list of dozens of newbies is also available. In addition, it covers other subject matters such as, What exactly is gin?; The history of Australian gin; Different gin styles; Starting a distillery; The issues distilleries have to face; How to enjoy gin and more. All for the price of a craft gin bottle.

Gin Infused Chocolate

gin and chocolate

Chocolate and gin are a match made in heaven. Chocolate is a delicious and exciting option to surprise someone even when there is no particular occasion. And, if someone loves drinking gin you may want to consider some gin infused chocolates. You can never go wrong when pairing white chocolate and gin. The aromatic tones of juniper can give delicate white chocolate a dimension of depth. To maintain the flavour of both the gin and the chocolate intact, the stronger perfumed floral gins require a more clear contrast. Both white and milk chocolate can be a little too delicate, leaving only sweetness and no cocoa flavour. However, a higher cocoa content dark chocolate, such as a good grade 70% or even 80% dark chocolate, may stand on its own, neither overpowering nor being swamped by the gin – ideally complementing each other.

Gin Distillery Tour & Tasting

Visiting a distillery, witnessing the process of making gin, and tasting it is an unbeatable present for a gin lover. These tours are ideal for vacations, afternoon or weekend trips, or giving an adventurous gin enthusiast a light push to a destination they’ve always wanted to explore.

Most gin distillery tours include an overview of their production methods and facilities, including the chance to see the distillery stills, botanicals used, and bottling setup. You can touch, taste and smell the ingredients the distillery uses in the production. In the end, there is an in-depth tasting experience of five of their core expressions, chosen by the Head Distiller, to sit, drink, and compare.

Millions of people around the world are taking their passion for beer to another level by brewing their own lager beers at home. Homebrewing is a hobby that was popular during the early American colonial era and continues to sizzle today among skilled beer enthusiasts. Besides the benefit of creating your own beer, there are plenty of reasons why homebrewing can become your new favourite hobby.

Sometimes life happens to us before we even know it. Our schedules become so busy we don’t even notice where all of the days went. Well, if you’re one of the people with busy schedules or you’re just someone who likes to scratch shopping from their errands list, signing up for a subscription box might be the sweet solution you were looking for. Some people are debating if a subscription box is worth a try. Well, in all honesty, nobody likes to sign up for something, receive it, and end up not liking it. This is why I’m here to explore four different subscription boxes that are designed to save you time and enchant your social life.

Craft Beer Club Membership

So this is one of the possible scenarios. You come back from work, tired, ready to shower, sit back and relax. You go to the fridge, you open it up dreaming about a delicious cold beverage and there’s none because you forgot to stop and get any. And now you’re here all comfortable and ready to wine down and going to the store is not an option. Or, a group of friends surprise you and you want to hang out but there isn’t any exciting drink to serve them with. If you’re a hardworking single person or a parent with multiple children, chances are that you’ve experienced this kind of inconvenience, haven’t you? 

This is why you need a craft beer club subscription. If any of the reasons listed above didn’t sound like you, maybe you’re interested to know that many of the beer clubs Australia-wide offer a range of pack options with no subscription fee and the ability to cancel at any time. It must be super exciting to receive a box of different flavours each month, a variety of beers hand-picked from all over the world and crafted for the enjoyment of your taste buds. Flavour to the side, beer is packed with antioxidants, vitamin B and a solid amount of calcium and protein. Some studies suggest moderate beer drinking may lessen the chances of suffering hearts attacks and other heart diseases. Beer is the most popular alcoholic drink with younger and older generations alike. Is that because moderate and responsible consumption of beer has been proven to increase cognitive function? Who knows. But if this is something that sounds good enough for you, stop wasting your time looking around the stores and get a beer club subscription or get it for someone who will enjoy it just as much!

Healthy Meal Kit for Single or Family People

healty meal kit subscription

There are those days when you don’t have the desire to cook a meal. Whether you had a long day of work or you just don’t like buying too many groceries and risk them getting spoiled, a healthy meal kit could be delivered on a weekly or a monthly basis. This way you only need a couple of minutes and dinner is served. Another thing I love about this option is that you curate your meals from the comfortability of your home and can stay true to your dietary preferences while not losing much of the flavour. Sure, freshly home-cooked food is the best, especially if you’re someone who enjoys the process of cooking itself. But sometimes we want to take the time for other things or are expecting company and need to serve food on the table. This is when this amazing subscription which is one of the best new online services of the 21st century comes in super-handy.

Never Run Out of Good Glass of Wine

wine subscription box

If beer is not your thing, or maybe you love wine just as much, here is another cheerful idea to gift it to someone you love or for yourself. Wine subscription to hand-picked flavours could introduce you to a whole new world of different wines you wouldn’t have tasted otherwise. You might be a red wine lover or you might prefer white. Perhaps you can set up a subscription in which you get both. The packs change every couple of months and you are in complete control of how much of what gets sent when and for how long to whom. This is why there’s no need to shy away from subscribing to a box of goodies that don’t have an expiration date any time soon. Usually, you’re able to monitor or make any changes to your automated orders either by yourself in your account dashboard or by contacting customer service. Now, let’s turn to the health benefits one gets from moderate consumption from the drink of the Gods. According to a study, both red and white wine are known to lower the bad cholesterol in your system. Not only does it regulate the levels of cholesterol in your blood, but also keeps the heart healthy. Since we already mentioned the antioxidants present in beer, it’s only fair to mention that wine has them too, therefore, helps treat the common cold, since antioxidants protect cells against the negative effects of free radicals which has a focal role to play in cold, cancer and other diseases. It might come out surprising for some, but studies have shown that drinking wine before bed is not only great for a healthy weight loss (compound resveratrol seems to help in curbing appetite) but at the same time helps in inducing sleep.

At-Home Personal Styling

styling subscription

If you’re in that phase of your life where you haven’t got the time to go out and shop for new clothes, you don’t have to order clothes online in fear that you won’t like them. Instead, get yourself a subscription to a stylist company that will ask you all of the important questions and curate a list of clothes which will then be sent to you. You can then try the clothes, keep what you like and send back what you don’t. This way you not only freshen up your wardrobe but if you have the extra budget you can also get a personal stylist. The stylist will be able to build outfits according to your age, gender, style and preferences so you may be as busy as you are but always dressed for the occasion.

Foodies are well versed in the different tastes emanating from anything they sink their teeth into. They savour the flavours but are also aware of added ingredients that give dishes their distinctiveness. So are alcohol tasters and anyone fond of a good drink. Different foods and drinks can be honed to get the taste we want. You’ll know the quality of spirits by how long they’ve been aged, and the care that goes into every detail. But if you want to replicate specific alcoholic tastes and flavours you don’t have to wait years. Extracts and essences are readily available and are used to flavour both food and drinks quickly and easily.

bottles of rum

It is easy to recognize the wine enthusiast in your life. They probably have a wine rack filled with different types of wine or even a fridge fully stocked with a mix of white and sparkling wine at all times. This means choosing a present for them can be a breeze as a good bottle of wine will always work. However, why not get creative and put a bit of effort into your gift by choosing a present that is both unique and thoughtful? You can always pair wine with some other delicious goodies to create the perfect mouth-watering gift.

Barossa Wine and Cheese Gift Hamper

dinner with wine and cheese

Specific wines are associated with a specific occasion, such as champagnes for celebrations or Merlot for a date night. Wine has two favourite pairings: cheese and chocolate. Including each one of them in your gift is a sure way to enhance its flavour. Wine and cheese are a perfect match together, and the pairing of some types of wines and cheese is perceived as a form of art.

Wine and cheese from some locations have been served together for generations. Records dating back from hundreds of years have noted an obvious correlation between the geographical origins of wines and cheese when it comes to historical pairing. You can support some of Barrosa’s best regional food and wine producers by choosing to buy this incredibly luxurious wine and cheese hamper gift. From the Pindarie red wine to the Barossa Valley cheese selection, these wine gift baskets will make the perfect gift for any occasion.

Rose Chandon Indulgence

glasses of rose moet and chandon

Most wine gift baskets aren’t just about the wine but they often include some kind of food. Many wine baskets come include food based on the type of wine. If you are going with more sweet, fruity flavours then you may want to include chocolate.

What can please a rose lover more than a gift basket filled with a delectable pink bottle of wine and a box of chocolate treats? Just imagine, two glasses of rose wine, a box of chocolate, and your loved one. Featuring a bootle of refreshingly fruity Chandon rose and gourmet chocolates is a sure way to make a statement, making it a perfect drink for a warm and breezy summer night. This wine is a love story between delicate, crisp Chardonnay and pInot noir added in its final stages. It exhibits a pleasing mix of fresh red fruits, earth, and dust in its aromas and flavours, which will surely be appreciated by every rose wine lover.

Red Wine Luxury Gift Hamper

box with red wine as gift

No other wine captures romance better than a bottle of red wine! Whether you like it lighter, or sweeter a bottle of wine is a sure way to increase the passion, making it a perfect drink for a candlelight dinner. But finding a quality bottle of red wine can be quite a challenge. Since there are so many red wine options on the market, perhaps you need to consider wine testing and follow up on some simple steps to choose the best red wine for your hamper gift. Pairing with delicious and complimentary treats such as extra mature cheese or delicious cocoa dusted chocolate truffles, this wine gift basket makes a delightful gift for every occasion.

Stemless Wine Glasses

two stemless wine glasses with white and red wine

Enjoying a glass of wine never goes without pairing it with a beautiful wine glass. Therefore finding the right wine glasses can really make or break the whole drinking experience and taste itself. If you are more practical and want to avoid the messy situation of spilling out that can open happen when drinking from regular tall wine glasses, stemless wine glasses offer the perfect alternative.

These glasses have become particularly more popular wine glasses over the years. There are many reasons why you should consider buying stemless wine glasses instead of regular wine glasses as a gift. These glasses were certainly a bit controversial when they first came out as they were mistaken for regular glasses. However, on closer inspection, they are not as thick as regular glasses and their special design really brings out the flavour of the chosen wine. Besides this, these glasses are the perfect addition for formal and informal gatherings.

Vintage Wine As an Anniversary Gift

couple celebrating anniversary with wine

Life’s significant moments are better with the perfect choice of drink. When you are attending special occasions you shouldn’t go empty-handed. Vintage wine makes a perfect gift as a wedding or anniversary gift. Selecting a wine dating from the year of marriage is a wonderful gift to pay homage to the couple and remind them of the old classy saying that:” love like wine, gets better with time”.

Besides, wine is a product of craftsmanship and, therefore, all wines have a story to tell. You can describe something special about the wine on a gift card or you can keep it up to your sleeve for when you share it with the person you are giving the wine to. For instance, you can say something like: ‘This wine comes from the oldest vineyards in the region’, or mention any other unique aspects where you can emphasize its origins and makers.

Sangria Cocktail Mix

two glasses of sangria cocktail

The traditional sangria mix utilizes wine made from Tempranillo, but you can substitute it with your own favourite red wine. Just keep in mind that not all red wine will make a good sangria cocktail. It’s best to avoid older red wines but stick to dry red wines, that are reasonably priced and tasty, with fruit-driven flavour.

Adding a tasty mix of red raspberries, cherries, cranberries, key lime juice, and orange juice to your favourite red wine are all the key ingredients that constitute this drink. After soaking up in the alcohol for a while the fruit attains a distinctively delicious taste. Choosing to buy a ready-to-make sangria Cocktail mix for a friend who loves wine it’s really unique idea. All they need to do is dump the contents into a bowl ( add a little brandy, if they are feeling extra) and enjoy this perfect fruity summer beverage.

Recycled Wine Bottle Platter with a Spreader

recycled wine bottles

These one-of-a-kind serving plates are environmentally friendly, best suited for serving cheese, bread, or nibbles. Made from a recycled bottle of wine and paired with corked topped cheese knives they are the perfect accessory for any kitchen table. Each individually crafted, these adorable serving trays are the perfect gift for any wine enthusiast. They can be used for a party, as part of a dining set, wedding decor, or even as a kitchen window planter.

Buying Christmas presents can be quite overwhelming, not only because of all the crowds and the themed presents but also because most of us are just not good shoppers. Fortunately, there are some gifts that never fail and will help you get it right. Gifts that can be consumed – alcohol for your alcohol-loving friends and family members, or desserts for your loved ones with sweet-tooth. And the best part of it all is that buying is easier than ever before thanks to online shopping.

Gin Gifts

gin and glasses perfect gift combination

If you are looking for a present for younger friends or family members, or older ones that love to party, gin can be the answer you are looking for. Gin and tonic is the number one cocktail served and consumed not only around Australia but across the world. The bitterness, the sweetness, the bubbles, the garnishes… some people can’t seem to resist it.

While you can go with a bottle of gin directly, you can also easily find much more interesting and original gin presents. As you are shopping for Christmas, you can buy a botanical gin advent calendar. Like the more traditional advent calendars, this unusual, fun-inspiring gin calendar will help your loved one count down the days to Christmas in a more entertaining way. And each next date, with a glass of the gin-flavour of the day, they’ll be grateful to you for the amazing present, although they may also decide to keep all of the different little bottles of gin for later.

For something even more special, you can pair the gin Christmas calendar with gin glassware, a recipe book for gin cocktails, or botanical gin garnishes. You could also choose the gin advent calendar to serve as a countdown to another gift – regardless of whether its gin related, or not.

For people who aren’t the best at choosing gifts, whether it’s for holidays, birthdays or special occasions, it is truly fortunate that so many people love gin, because that makes it so much easier to choose gifts for them. And the best part is that not only will gin gifts make everything easier for you, but your loved one will also really love it. Whether it’s the coolest botanical gin advent calendar Australia has to offer, gin glassware or a bottle of gin, with a gift like this your loved one is guaranteed to have a great time.

Red Wine Gifts

red wine and chocolates

Red wine is special and it’s one of the classics when it comes to gifts. This may be because it’s one of the most loved alcoholic beverages around the world. Or because it’s been around for millennia, it’s important in many religions and mythologies across the world, poets and writers have written about it, singers have sung about it.

All of this is also probably what gives it that romantic note that comes with it. That of course doesn’t mean that red wine is strictly for lovers. Red wine – often depicted as the elixir of gods – similarly to its huge diversity, the gift of red wine can convey an endless number of messages, ranging from a very casual gift all the way to a gift for someone special with a special meaning.

Whether it’s Christmas or another holiday, whether it’s someone’s retirement or graduation, whether you are going to a dinner at someone’s home, or you want to buy someone a gift just because, red wine is a classic. And with so many people to think about during the holidays, and so many different personalities, it’s a good thing that there are such things as classics.

Another great thing about wine as a gift is that it’s a great option both for people you are close to, and people you don’t know really well, like co-workers. If you are in a rush for a Christmas present, you can order a quality red wine online and have it delivered just in time. Of course, if you are buying wine as the actual Christmas gift, you should find a good one, from a small winery, for instance, or one that’s special for some other reason. Furthermore, you can order a good red wine in a beautiful gift box, or order a box separately, to make the present feel more special. However red wine can also accompany your main gift, alone or along with flowers, a chocolate bouquet or a lovely card.

Edible Gifts

chocolate bouquet as gift

For people that don’t like alcohol, younger people or people you know love to eat sweets, one perfect Christmas present is a tasty and gorgeously crafted chocolate bouquet. In the realm of foods, chocolate is what wine is in the realm of alcoholic beverages – a classic. Of course, you can also give it as a part of a gift, you can order a pretty edible bouquet with chocolate and a gin gift or a nice red wine online if you are in a rush, or you can use it instead of flowers to accompany your main present.

Chocolate isn’t only the favourite or one of the favourite flavours of most people on the planet but consumed moderately it’s also healthy both for your mental and your physical health. One other similar thing that chocolate has with wine, aside from the fact that they can both be good and bad for you, depending on how you consume them, is that as gifts, they both offer an endless range of meanings. This is why, like wine, chocolate gifts, and any other edible gift for that matter, is a perfect Christmas present. It’s good for kids, it’s good for close relatives, old friends, best mates, and even for someone you don’t really know, but feel obligated to buy a gift for, like a co-worker.

An edible bouquet is a gift of flavour and experience. Of course, alcoholic gifts do offer the same, but chocolate, other sweet stuff or even fruit bouquets, are much preferred by many people. Anyone can go online or in a store and buy themselves red wine or gin. Anyone can go outside and buy themselves a chocolate bar. This, of course, doesn’t mean that they can’t be considered a special gift. But the truth is, no one, or at least barely anyone, will ever think of ordering a chocolate bouquet for themselves.

You know bars? The extraordinary places where every single worry you might have magically disappears once the bartender pours your drink and you start chit chatting with him/her? Oh yes, for many people these are the favourite spots to chill for a while and take the edge off. But in order for you to have your drinks served at their optimum, they first need to be kept at a specific temperature. For that very reason, these happy places (how I like to call them) need to have an appropriate bar fridge.

There are various types of bar fridges that have different features and uses. Some are designed for storing a specific type of beverage – for instance, wine should be stored in special fridges known as wine coolers. Other types of bar fridges, on the other hand, are much more versatile and can be used for storing all kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including beer, vodka, rum, gin, cider, juice, soda, etc.